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  • Juggalette Wet T-Shirt Contest...With Faygo (NSFW)
    To say that a Juggalo Gathering would go smoothly or as planned is a massive understatement.
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  • Erykah Badu with Janelle Monae at Verizon
    Erykah Badu is a vanishing specimen, a pop star who courts controversy not out of some narcissistic need to be in the headlines, but because she is legitimately different. Sunday night at Verizon, she could have been a 21st-century female George Clinton, looking for higher ground through the...
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  • 50 Cent at the Arena Theater
    Has 50 jumped the shark? There was no hot streak. It was an okay evening, but nothing anybody is going to remember a couple of weeks from now as being anything terribly important. PHOTOS BY MARC BRUBAKER
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  • Iron Maiden with Dream Theater at Cynthia Woods Mitchell
    If you were just a casual Iron Maiden fan, Friday night's gig out at the shed in The Woodlands would have confounded and maybe even angered you. If you own the band's entire catalog on tape, vinyl, and disc, and maybe had their ghoulish mascot Eddie airbrushed on your wedding cake, then you...
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  • Belly Dancing at the House of Blues
    Skin and scimitars were the order of the night at the Houes of Blues, as belly dancers brought a taste of the exotic to the already incense-heavy Foundation Room. PHOTOS BY MARK BRITAIN
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  • Butchering 101 with Chris Shepherd
    In this week's feature, Designer Meats, we take a look at how pork is transformed into charcuterie. But before it can be made into sausages and salumi, a pig must first be broken down. Chris Shepherd, executive chef at Catalan, shows us how. PHOTOS BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
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  • Nas & Damien Marley at Warehouse Live
    NYC rapper Nas and reggae royalty Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley energized a sold-out Warehouse Live last night during a vibrant, fragrant evening of solo sets and selections from the duo's new album Distant Relatives. The crowd, our reviewer writes, went "monkey bananas." PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES
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  • Designer Meats: Meet The Makers
    In this week's feature, we took a peek inside the sausage-making operations of some of Houston's best restaurants. Check out larger versions of the photos from the story here, as well as those that didn't make it into print. PHOTOS BY TROY FIELDS
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  • MGMT with Tame Impala at the House of Blues
    Here are a few things we learned Monday night at MGMT's show at House of Blues. First off, they are not a "live" band in the grand musical sense of the word. While new album Congratulations is a catchy, odd, fucked-up little sophomore outing, it's not at all meant for live consumption. PHOTOS...
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  • Encore: More Summerfest 2010 Crowd Shots
    Come rain, mud, heat and humidity, thousands upon thousands of Houstonians and out-of-towners descended upon Eleanor Tinsley Park determined to have a good time at Summerfest. Looks like they succeeded. PHOTOS BY JAMES "EGGS" BRICKER
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  • Summerfest Sunday: The Music
    The Flaming Lips brought the oohs and ahhs, H-town's own Bun B and Slim Thug brought the bounce, and a whole host of others -from out-of-towners Uh Huh Her and Dead Prez to Houstonians including The Energy, Weird Party, Buxton, Giant Princess, Grandfather Child and Black Congress - filled in...
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  • Summerfest Saturday: The Music
    Girl Talk brought the fireworks to Summerfest Saturday, but Medeski, Martin & Wood, Detroit Cobras, Kid Sister - and a long list of Houston artists including Roky Moon & BOLT, Hell City Kings, Wild Moccasins, Sideshow Tramps and Tyagaraja - kept things popping all afternoon long. PHOTOS AS CREDITED
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