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  • Brennan's Reopens After 17 Months
    The beloved Houston restaurant, which originally opened in 1967, was destroyed by a fire during Hurricane Ike. Tonight, February 16, it finally reopens its doors to the public after extensive renovations. PHOTOS BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
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  • An Evening of Burlesque Entertainment at Frenetic Theater
    Who needs a box of chocolates and a dozen roses for Valentine's Day when Calla Doll and friends, along with special guest Hollywood Roadkill, were up to their burlesque antics at the Frenetic Theater this past Sunday night. PHOTOS BY BRYAN WILLIAMS
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  • The English Beat with Fishbone at Warehouse Live
    At first glance, when The Beat's frontman and sole original member Dave Wakeling stepped onto the stage, our heart sunk a bit. He looked pretty washed up. But the minute the band launched into "Twist & Crawl" all was right with the world, since Wakeling's hot toddy voice hasn't changed a note...
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  • Snoop Dogg Smokes Out the House Of Blues
    Snoop Dogg is one of a handful of artists who have carte blanche when it comes nearly anything. At this point all Snoop needs is his massive catalog of hits from 1992 on to command sold-out concert stands and packed rooms, like the one at the House Of Blues on Friday night. PHOTOS BY MARC BRUBAKER
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  • Broken Hearts? Not at Rich's
    Between drag queens, body painting and lingerie galore, everyone had too much fun on Saturday night at Rich's to worry about whether or not they had a valentine this year. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Food Stalls and Hot Woks at the Lunar New Year Festival
    From piping hot fish balls on a stick to freshly made sushi, from roasted corn on the cob to sweet milk tea, a bounty of food was available for the thousands of people celebrating the Lunar New Year at the Chinese Community Center on Saturday. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • Flogging Molly at the House of Blues
    In front of a rafter-packed House of Blues crowd that made most Mardi Gras gatherings look tame, Molly hit all its marks Tuesday night. In fact, the band hit them so well that at times they came across more as puppeteers than punk rockers. Luckily Dave King is an excellent ringleader behind...
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  • Washington Avenue: The Outtakes
    Not all of the photos we took for this week's feature - Wild on Washington - made it into print. Below are our favorite outtakes. Look closely: you'll probably spot yourself or someone you know. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Bumping at Escobar
    The dance floor is more crowded than ever at bustling dance club Escobar. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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