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  • Food Stalls and Hot Woks at the Lunar New Year Festival
    From piping hot fish balls on a stick to freshly made sushi, from roasted corn on the cob to sweet milk tea, a bounty of food was available for the thousands of people celebrating the Lunar New Year at the Chinese Community Center on Saturday. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • Lunar New Year at the Chinese Community Center
    Happy New Year! To celebrate the passing of the old year, the Chinese Community Center held its annual Lunar New Year Festival this past Saturday, February 13. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • The Rocks Off Washington Shore Party at the Washington Avenue Drinkery
    Here's the Situation: We came, we saw, we fist-pumped. A girl did the Worm for Pauly D tickets. A guy showed us his ass for a turkey fryer. And no one got punched in the face. PHOTOS BY SON LAM & KATHARINE SHILCUTT
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  • 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models
    The 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit models invaded Las Vegas. PHOTOS BY GETTY IMAGES
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  • Flogging Molly at the House of Blues
    In front of a rafter-packed House of Blues crowd that made most Mardi Gras gatherings look tame, Molly hit all its marks Tuesday night. In fact, the band hit them so well that at times they came across more as puppeteers than punk rockers. Luckily Dave King is an excellent ringleader behind...
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  • Washington Avenue: The Outtakes
    Not all of the photos we took for this week's feature - Wild on Washington - made it into print. Below are our favorite outtakes. Look closely: you'll probably spot yourself or someone you know. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Bumping at Escobar
    The dance floor is more crowded than ever at bustling dance club Escobar. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Republika by Night
    The bar on Travis that used to be Whiskey Creek is now a club called Republika, and all the beautiful people have found a new home at night. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • The Big Game at Big Woodrow's (and Ragin Cajun)
    The Saints were marching into Big Woodrow's and Ragin Cajun (natch) to watch their beloved team stampede over the Colts in yesterday's game, which New Orleans won handily, 31 to 17. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES
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  • Rick Perry and Sarah Palin Rally Their Troops
    The much awaited Perry-Palin rally (with extra special guest Ted Nugent) visited the Rick Berry Center in Cypress on Sunday afternoon, but made sure to wrap things up before the Big Game. Football trumps politics in Texas, of course, even if Sarah Palin comes to town. PHOTOS BY BRYAN WILLIAMS.
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  • Up in the Air at Discovery Green
    The holidays are over (unless you count Valentine's Day), but the Administaff Holiday Balloon is still flying at Discovery Green. The balloon goes up in a controlled float, reaching as high as 35 stories and giving riders a 360 degree view of the city (we sure have a lot of parking lots, don't...
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  • Mushroom Throwdown at Vic & Anthony's
    The fourth throwdown organized by the Houston Chowhounds had some spectacular competitors, unusual entries and a very unlikely winner. PHOTOS BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
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