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  • Houston Press Halloween Party at the House of Blues
    Pirates and zombies and Octomoms - oh my! (And a little Wizard of Oz sprinkled in for good measure.) The costumes at our very own Halloween party were some of the best in town. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • H-Town Latte Art Throwdown
    Twenty-one baristas competed, but only one could win. And after the main competition took place in Coffee Groundz on Friday night, the master baristas took it outside for an impromptu high-stakes latte art throwdown. In total, $2200 was raised for Coffee Kids that night. PHOTOS BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
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  • 3rd Annual Montrose Crawl
    Westheimer looked like a cross between a party supply store explosion and a George Romero movie on Halloween night, as revelers contended for best costume along the pub crawl route. PHOTOS BY TRISH BADGER
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  • 2009 Oni-Con at the Marriott Westchase
    Although it moved to a smaller venue this year, the 2009 Oni-Con (an anime and cosplay convention) was larger than ever. The grand costume competition was the place to be on Halloween night, and we guarantee these costumes were far better than yours. PHOTOS BY JEFF BALKE
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  • 3rd Annual Texas Big Beat
    Hundreds of drummers met in a warehouse on Sunday afternoon to do two things: wail on their drum sets and raise money for charity. And at 4:45 p.m., they joined 11 others cities in setting a new world record for most drummers drumming simultaneously. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • The Pogues at House of Blues
    The streams of whiskey were flowing from the English/Irish bluegrass punks' first song on. Ouch. PHOTOS BY DANIEL KRAMER
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  • October 2009: The Month In Photos
    October saw the season's first cold snap and a slew of concerts and festivals. Take a trip down memory lane with the month in photos below...
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  • Dia de los Muertos at Lawndale Art Center
    The 22nd annual celebration of the important "Day of the Dead" holiday at Lawndale is an open, non-juried exhibition of art by area artists and students. In addition to the exhibition, Lawndale also offers workshops and classes and will have a grand fiesta on November 7. For more information,...
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  • Halloween Costumes For Your Blow-Up Doll
    Don't have a date this Halloween? Don't fret! Just grab your handy blow-up doll (you know you have one, you pervy loner) and dress her up in one of the costumes below. Voila! Instant date -- and you don't even have to pay for her drinks. PHOTOS BY OLIVIA FLORES ALVAREZ
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  • The 14 Hottest Chicks of Ren Fest
    Despite appearances, the Texas Renaissance Festival isn't all chihuahua butt-plugs and rampant insults. There are plenty of activities to do each weekend, such as chug ale, gnaw on turkey legs, try out your longbow skills and ogle beautiful women -- just like they did in Ye Olde Tymes! PHOTOS...
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  • 2009 RE/MAX Ballunar Liftoff Festival
    Hundreds of colorful hot air balloons took to the sky over the Johnson Space Center this weekend as the Ballunar Liftover Festival celebrated both the beauty of balloons and the majesty of modern flight. PHOTOS BY TRICIA BADGER
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  • Friday Night Lights: B.F. Terry Rangers vs. Bay City Blackcats
    In our first 4-A game of the year, we traveled to Rosenberg to see the Terry Rangers play a struggling Bay City. PHOTOS BY PAUL KNIGHT
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