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  • Albums You Can Smuggle Into Prison In Your Fat
    Courtesy of our friends at the Chron, here is the story of Houston's George Vera, a 500-lb purveyor of illegally bootlegged albums who managed to mule a gun past the guards at both the city and county jails. How did he do it? Vera squirreled the piece safely away between the folds of his flesh....
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  • Houston's Ten Most Overrated Restaurants
    The results are in... On Monday, we asked our readers to give us their choices for Houston's most overrated restaurants, and they gave it to us with both barrels. Nearly 150 comments later, here are the restaurants that Houstonians think have enjoyed far too much glory over the years. Ed. Note:...
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  • Albums That Went Darker
    For most rock acts, the traditional way to deal with success is to rework their lyrics, image and sound to become palatable to a larger audience. Usually this means brightening the subject matter, cleaning up the bad words, softening the sharp edges on those power chords and getting haircuts...
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  • A Sneak Peek at H-E-B's New Buffalo Market
    H-E-B is opening their newest concept store on Buffalo Speedway at Bissonnet, called the Buffalo Market. Combining their popular Central Market store and expanded organic offerings with more traditional grocery store items (i.e., Cheetos and toilet paper) while also being as environmentally and...
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  • HannityFest (a.k.a. the "Freedom Concert) at The Woodlands
    Conservative radio/TV host Sean Hannity's nationally touring "Freedom Concert" came through The Woodlands this weekend, as the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion hosted powerhouse acts like Billy Ray Cyrus and Lee Greenwood. There was no shortage of ill-concieved American flag-inspired clothing...
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  • Saturday Night at Under the Volcano
    Frozen screwdrivers and frozen rum & cokes ruled the night at this Latin-inspired bar in the Village. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • Saturday Night at Kay's Lounge
    Sometimes there's no better way to unwind after a long week than over beers and pizza at one of the coziest dive bars in town, Kay's Lounge in West U. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • White Linen Night in the Heights
    Saturday, August 1, saw the Heights playing host to the whitest block party of the year. With perhaps the highest concentration of Tory Burch merchandise the city has ever witnessed and a plethora of white outfits that gave White House Black Market their best sales season in a year, yuppies and...
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  • 2009 Houston Press Music Awards Ceremony: Bands and Winners
    The winners of the 2009 Houston Press Music Awards were announced between sets from some of Houston's best bands, including Mechanical Boy and The Born Liars. Musicians mingled on-stage and off, and even traded seats in a few of the sets (as rapper Scarface demonstrated, showing off his guitar...
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  • 2009 Houston Press Music Awards VIP Party
    Bands and artists nominated for 2009 Houston Press Music Awards mixed and mingled last night over at Warehouse Live before the awards ceremony took place. PHOTOS BY MARK C. AUSTIN
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  • 2009 Houston Press Music Awards Ceremony
    After the nominated bands had done their share of mingling and drinking last night at Warehouse Live, the doors were opened to the public for the 2009 Houston Press Music Awards Ceremony. Winners were announced in between sets from Kam, The Born Liars, Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans,...
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  • July 2009: Month In Photos
    While the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase brought July to a cacophonous yet consonant close, the rest of the month held its own. Here's what you missed (or didn't!) from July 2009.
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