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  • Moon and Space Themed Album Covers
    Rocks Off thought we'd wait for all the hoopla surrounding the 40th anniversary of the moon landing to die down a bit before tossing in our two cents. Hell, the Apollo 11 capsule didn't splash down until July 24, 1969, so we figured the day after is as good a time as any to show you our...
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  • Saturday Night at Mink
    It's a hipster paradise every night at Mink and The Backroom, the concert space behind the bar, through the alley and up some creaky stairs. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • Saturday Night at Lizzard's Pub
    The weekend saw a typically diverse crowd at Lizzard's Pub in River Oaks, as patrons enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere over beers and darts. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows
    The polyester suits and grooming combs were out in full force this weekend as dogs and their owners from across the country came to compete at the annual Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows. The show included agility, obedience and flyball racing as well as a marketplace full of pet products...
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  • Flickr Photos of the Week: July 13th to 17th
    Each week, we showcase our favorite photos from the growing and vibrant Houston Press Flickr Pool. Submit your own photos from around town by clicking here.
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  • The Best of Burlesque at Dr. Sketchy: Where Cabaret Meets Art School
    Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is a network of local artists and models who convene once a month at Avant Garden on Westheimer for the most unique and titillating art class in town. Check out the best Dr. Sketchy photos from past months and read on for more information about upcoming sessions....
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  • ZZ Top's Roots and Influences
    One of the most influential Southern rock bands of all time, ZZ Top has, of course, been influenced by those who came before. You can see shades of the boys with the beards in each of the following artists - acknowledged by music critics, and in some cases the band itself, as huge influences on...
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  • Censored and "Recalled" Album Covers
    Over the years, everyone from superstars like the Beatles and Rolling Stones to musical footnotes Mom's Apple Pie and the Coup has met with, shall we say, resistance from their record companies over their cover-art choices. Here are 19 original and "recalled" versions; click here for the backstory.
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  • Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco
    Saltimbanco, Cirque du Soleil’s first and oldest “classic” Cirque du Soleil touring show, is in Houston for 12 nights. The show is being held at the Berry Center every night through July 19th before moving to the Toyota Center for larger shows that will run from July 22 to July 26. Saltimba...
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  • Harry Potter: Midnight at the Marq*E
    Fans young and old crowded the lobby at the Marq*E theater for the midnight release of the latest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Among the characters spotted were Rubeus Hagrid (with frilly umbrella), Mad-Eye Moody, several Luna Lovegoods and even a girl sporting a...
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  • Behind the Scenes at the Circus
    The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is in town once again, opening on Wednesday, July 15 and running through July 26. The Ringling Brothers purchased the Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1907 and toured the country until 1956, when declining popularity caused the circus to close down. Owing...
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  • Top Ten Totally Lame Last-Minute Halloween Costumes
    We’ve all been there. It’s 7:38 p.m. on the night of the party, and you’re just staring in the closet, trying to figure out something quick. Here’s what not to do. Read more: Top Five: Lame Halloween Costumes, 2010 Edition Awesomely Lame Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home, 2011 Edition
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