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  • Houston in the Space Age: The 1960s In Photos
    When we wrote about the documentary being made about the Astrodome, we showed some pictures taken by Cecil E. Burdick, Jr. His son Josh has forwarded some more, offering a fascinating color look into Houston as it entered the Space Age.
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  • Saint Arnold's 15th Anniversary Party and Beer Olympics
    Houston's favorite microbrewery celebrated their 15th anniversary on Sunday, June 7, with a barbecue feast from Goode Co. BBQ, special brews on tap and the first annual Beer Olympics. Teams competed in keg rolls, two-story beer pours and beer pong, but only one team could win: Two Guys, One Cup...
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  • Barack Obama ('s Plaster Head) Makes a Stop in Pearland
    Houston sculptor David Adickes revealed the latest of his colossal presidential busts this weekend: President Barack Obama. Pearland mayor Tom Reid was on hand for the unveiling of the 20-foot tall bust, which will soon makes its way to the Presidents Park in Deadwood, S.D. for a Fourth of July...
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  • One Year Anniversary Party at Caroline Collective
    Hipsters, blipsters, mixters and members of Houston's artistic and technological community helped Caroline Collective - the city's first and only co-working space - celebrate their first birthday in style on Saturday night to the sounds of you(genious) and Don't Fight It. Read more about the...
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  • The Carlos Cruz-Diez Installation at MFAH
    Wondering what's going on with the crosswalks in the Museum District? Wonder no more. Houston has become the first city in the United States to have a street installation by Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. The five crosswalks that connect the buildings of the Museum of Fine Arts have been...
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  • Before the Prius: 10 Compact Cult Cars
    They're compact, mostly cheap and often cute. Here are ten compact cars that inspired a following, long before smug Prius drivers took to the streets.
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  • Dance/USA Conference "Curtain Call" at Freneticore Theatre
    Dancers, choreographers, directors and dance companies from across the nation converged on Houston this weekend for the annual Dance/USA conference, which was held at the Hyatt Regency with special performances at the Houston Ballet and Discovery Green. The "Curtain Call" at Freneticore Theatre...
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  • Absinthe Brasserie at Midnight
    People enjoyed a sultry Saturday night at Absinthe Brasserie, the romantic, tucked-away hot spot on Richmond in Montrose famous for its Pernod absinthe and purposeful near-anonymity. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • New York Dolls at the House of Blues
    Were we expecting too much from a band that lost three-fifths of its soul when Thunders, Jerry Nolan and Arthur Kane went to the big Max's Kansas City in the sky? Perhaps, because all we got out of the New York Dolls' performance at the House of Blues last night was an hour-long set of sporadic...
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  • 20 Fictional Foods & Drinks We Wish Were Real
    Magical (and sometimes terrible) foods and beverages from pop culture throughout the ages have always resonated with us. We dream of what they might taste like, look like, smell like. We relish the idea of their amazing properties and we even try to approximate them in our own kitchens. While...
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  • Houston's Ten Most Expensive Homes
    With the real estate market becoming increasingly soft, a home really has to pony up the goods these days in order to get its asking price. Are the ten most expensive homes on the market in Houston today really worth millions of dollars? Judge for yourself.
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  • Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibit at HMNS
    The Houston Museum of Natural Science's new exhibit of the famed Terra Cotta Warriors from Shaanxi Provence is nothing short of stunning. And so are the pictures. While photography isn't allowed in the exhibit, a few lucky Flickr photographers were allowed to take private and extraordinary...
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