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  • 2009 Houston Press Music Awards VIP Party
    Bands and artists nominated for 2009 Houston Press Music Awards mixed and mingled last night over at Warehouse Live before the awards ceremony took place. PHOTOS BY MARK C. AUSTIN
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  • 2009 Houston Press Music Awards Ceremony
    After the nominated bands had done their share of mingling and drinking last night at Warehouse Live, the doors were opened to the public for the 2009 Houston Press Music Awards Ceremony. Winners were announced in between sets from Kam, The Born Liars, Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans,...
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  • July 2009: Month In Photos
    While the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase brought July to a cacophonous yet consonant close, the rest of the month held its own. Here's what you missed (or didn't!) from July 2009.
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  • 2009 Houston Press Music Awards Showcase
    Whether you made it downtown for the Music Awards Showcase or not, check out some of our first photos from the event below. There were 50 bands playing, but we caught them all. So stay tuned for more photos as the day goes by... PHOTOS BY MARK C. AUSTIN
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  • Pajama Party at the Foundation Room in the House of Blues
    The Houston Press Music Awards weren't the only party taking place at the House of Blues this weekend. Saturday night saw an array of silk pajamas, teddies, robes and slippers make their way into the plush VIP room for drinks and dancing (but no pillow fights). PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • Flickr Photos of the Week: July 20th to 24th
    Each week, we showcase our favorite photos from the growing and vibrant Houston Press Flickr Pool. Submit your own photos from around town by clicking here.
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  • Trae Day at TSU Stadium
    Once upon a time, before it was a shooting gallery, national news and the talk of Twitter, the first annual Trae Day celebration was just a rap concert and family festival. Bun B, Rick Ross, a newly shorn Slim Thug and Houston mayoral candidate Peter Brown all came out to salute the man of the...
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  • Gamer MusiCON 09 at Jones Hall
    The Mario Brothers, Zelda, Princess Peach and even a Ghostbuster invaded the carpeted corridors of Jones Hall on Saturday, July 18, for Gamer MusiCON 09. A joint venture between the Houston Symphony and Blizzard Entertainment, Gamer MusiCON 09 hosted demonstrations and contests outside of the...
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  • Moon and Space Themed Album Covers
    Rocks Off thought we'd wait for all the hoopla surrounding the 40th anniversary of the moon landing to die down a bit before tossing in our two cents. Hell, the Apollo 11 capsule didn't splash down until July 24, 1969, so we figured the day after is as good a time as any to show you our...
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