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  • The Houston Texans Cheerleader 2014 Swimsuit Calendar Signing
    Those looking for a swimsuit calendar from Houston's best cheerleaders had the chance to pick up the Houston Texans Cheerleader 2014-15 Swimsuit Calendar and get it autographed over at the Texans Grille. PHOTOS BY SON LAM.
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  • Houston Goes On The Run With Beyoncé & Jay Z
    It was the wildest night Minute Maid Park had seen in ages as Beyoncé & Jay Z took the stage for their on the run tour. Photographer Marco Torres hit the scene early to catch the excited fans, and over in Rocks Off we've got a On The Run review, a look at how wild things were outside the show...
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  • Gritsy 8 Year Anniversary Party at Warehouse Live
    Gritsy bought the WALL OF BASS ® to Warehouse Live as they celebrated 8 years of bass music shows in Houston. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES.
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  • The 2014 Houston World Series of Dog Shows
    You make all sorts of friends at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. This year we met world champs, top producers and long time veterans of the scene. Check out a few of our favorites. PHOTOS BY SUSAN DU. See Also: 8 Unsung Beauties of the 2014 Houston World Series of Dog Shows
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  • The Best Houston Photos of 2014 (So Far)
    We're lucky here at the Houston Press to work with an amazing group of photographers. Week in and week out, they hit the streets to document what's going on in Houston. From the clubs and the fields to the parks and studios, from bass hits to dog barks and from festivals to intimate gathering,...
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  • These are the People You Meet at a Lady Gaga Concert
    Houston remains a stronghold for Lady Gaga, and thousands of her Little Monsters filled the Toyota Center to see Mama Monster live. PHOTOS BY VIOLETA ALVAREZ. See Also: Review: Lady Gaga at Toyota Center, 7/16/2014
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  • Bradley's Fine Diner: A Closer Look
    "It was quality food, sure, but somehow not what I expected from Bradley Ogden, two-time James Beard award-winner and legend in the California food scene, and his son Bryan Ogden, his second in command. Bradley Ogden rose to culinary fame in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he served as...
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  • Red Bull Copa de Calle: Houston
    Red Bull took soccer back to the streets with a 3 on 3 street soccer tournament the day of the World Cup final. PHOTOS BY J TOVAR.
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  • Break Free 2014 B-Boy Battle
    Break Free 2014 was like a '90s rap video come to life, as breakers from all around showed off their best moves in this b-boy competition. PHOTOS BY J TOVAR.
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