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  • Albums Based on Literature
    It might not seem like it, but some musicians are actually pretty smart. And they read. Sometimes when they tackle a book or two, they'll come away so inspired they have to translate it to their own medium. Here, then, are some albums based on works of literature, so you can rock out instead of...
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  • Eleven Reasons Tofu Will Never Be the New Bacon
    When The Feed dared to ask the heretical question Is tofu the new bacon? we responded in kind by creating a list of the top reasons that bacon will always be Elvis and tofu will always be Kenny G.
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  • A Preview of Summer at Hermann Park
    Hermann Park isn't the same old park we grew up with anymore. With an infusion of funds and a recent facelift, the city's oldest park now has amenities and activities galore. Read more about the park's newest attractions and upcoming events in our Summer Guide, out now in the May 21 issue, and...
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  • A Bird's Eye View
    Daniel Marshall has a unique view of Houston. He spends his days high above the city as the tower crane operator for Tellepsen, the construction company that is currently building the new Downtown YMCA at the corner of Milam and Jefferson. On his breaks, Marshall has been documenting the...
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  • Pageant of Pulchritude in Galveston
    After 77 years, Galveston has revived the Pageant of Pulchritude, a bathing beauty contest that was a fixture on the island in the Roaring '20s. Our very own John Nova Lomax was a judge at the pageant as "ghosts of Bettie Page and Galveston's glorious past were brought back to life." PHOTOS BY...
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  • Albums Influenced by Pet Sounds
    To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the Beach Boys' sonically revolutionary album Pet Sounds - released May 16, 1966 - we're featuring a cavalcade of albums which have, according to critics, fans, friends of the artist or even the artists themselves, been influenced by Brian Wilson and Co.'s...
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  • 1:15 a.m. at Etro
    The night was just getting started early Sunday morning at popular Montrose lounge Etro, where the 1980s live on in infamy. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • 12:30 at Shot Bar
    It was past midnight at the perenially packed Shot Bar in Midtown on Saturday and people were partying like they'd never left college. Why, yes, that is a giant inflatable penis. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • 11:45 at Khon's
    Lovers of art and darts congregated at Khon's on Saturday night, a tucked-away but trendy spot off Milam and Drew that offers coffee and wi-fi by day and boutique wine and beer by night. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • Rockets Lose Game 7; Viewing Parties Cheer Anyway
    Although the Rockets ultimately fell to the Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals on Sunday afternoon, fans across the city took the loss in stride and still managed to have a good time. Viewing party patrons at Christian's Tailgate and The Wet Spot took solace in cold beer and spicy...
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  • Behind the Scenes at Happy Days
    Get a rare glimpse of the backstage scene at the Hobby Center, where the new Happy Days musical is playing in Sarofim Hall through May 24. Among the surprises: Pinky Tuscardero's wig is far more important than one might imagine. PHOTOS BY MARGARET DOWNING
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  • How-To Album Covers, Part 1
    Ever wondered how to be a Jewish mother? How to play quarterback like two-time Super Bowl champion Bob Griese? Or - something all of us have wondered- how to stay the hell out of probate? Our man in the Cutout Bin, Nick DiFonzo, has all the answers.
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