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  • Burger Porn
    In June 2005, I started taking photos of the burgers I was eating while researching the feature "Texas Burger Binge." I finished the feature in August of that year, but the burger photo file kept on growing.
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  • Terry Adams DVD Premiere at Block 21
    On Saturday, December 6, the parking lot of Block 21 was transformed into a BMX playground to celebrate the release of Dreamz, a documentary film about pro flatlander Terry Adams. DJ Statik scratched records as riders performed tricks for the crowd.
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  • The Best Off-the-Radar Music Festivals
    With Coachella next week, the summer music festival season is officially beginning. And for outdoor live music, this country offers a lot more than just sweaty hipsters in Southern California. There are sweaty metalheads in Maryland, sweaty EDM dancers in Las Vegas and sweaty reggae lovers in...
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  • Dickens on the Strand 2008
    For the past 35 years, Dickens on the Strand has been celebrated on Galveston's famous street. It's been almost three months since Hurricane Ike put the Strand under six feet of water and there were just a few businesses open on Saturday, December 6, but the celebration went on anyway.
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  • 12:30 a.m. at 610 Blvd.
    On the evening of Saturday, December 6, there was drinking, dancing -- you know the drill. PHOTOS BY BILL OLIVE
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  • Taking Extraordinary Photos of Ordinary Life, Fall 2008
    Images from Daniel Kramer's class at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies
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