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  • The Houston Rally For Reproductive Justice
    Monday evening a rally was held in opposition to new proposed legislation concerning abortions in Texas, featuring speakers, chants, and protest signs. PHOTOS BY FRANCISCO MONTES.
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  • The Best of Superman Cosplay
    Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, again (and again). It happens just about every summer, the wave of costumes tied to the release of the latest superhero movie. In 2013, with the Iron Man franchise wrapped up, it's Superman's turn. Here's a diverse collection of Superman...
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  • Masked Mayhem: Lucha Jello Wrestling At Outlaw Dave's
    The world famous Outlaw Dave's Motorcycle bar (6502 Washington Ave) hosted a Mexican Luchador Jello wrestling exhibition on Saturday, June 15th, 2013. Burlesque beauty Kiki Maroon hosted the event that included a swimming pool full of green jello, six masked lady wrestlers, and lots of booze...
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  • Summer Skate: The 2013 Zumiez Couch Tour Hits Houston
    The 2013 Zumiez Couch Tour rolled into the Baybrook Mall parking lot on Friday -- June 14th, 2013. This skate expo, competition, and concert attracted hundreds of young people who suffered through triple digit temperatures in order to catch performances by the DGK Skate Team and local rap...
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  • Celebrating Global Reddit Meet-Up Day In Houston
    The third annual r/Houston Global Reddit Meet-Up Day and BBQ took place at Memorial Park on Saturday, June 15th, 2013. Over two hundred Redditors joined in the festivities that included a frisbee circle, cornhole toss, card and board games, raffle prizes, a photobooth, and plenty of food and...
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  • Pin-Ups & Tattoos: Sailor Jerry Party At Royal Oak Bar
    On the 40th anniversary of his passing, Royal Oak Bar and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum hosted a rockin' event to honor tattoo pioneer Norman Keith Collins. The carnival style party featured root beer floats, cotton candy, popcorn, and cocktails provided by the beautifully tattooed Sailor Jerry...
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  • A Closer Look At MF Sushi
    Sushi Chef Chris Kinjo of MF Sushi offers exotic fish, delicious sashimi and some of the best nigiri sushi in town. Check out how a fish is broken down and prepared, plus get a behind the scenes look at the space, in this slideshow. PHOTOS BY TROY FIELDS. Read More: REVIEW: An MF Perfect...
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  • Good Kid, Space City: Kendrick Lamar (And Fans) at Reliant Arena, 6/11/2013
    "I'll always have love for Houston," Kendrick Lamar told the crowd at Reliant Arena and, from the looks of it, the city will always have love for him. Find out more about the show in the Rocks Off review. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES.
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  • Four End-of-the-World Comedies To Watch This Summer
    2013 will see at least four end-of-the-world comedies hit theaters. Here's a look at the three that have been released (it's a Disaster, This is the End and Rapture-palooza) and The World's End, which is set for release in August. Follow @VoiceFilmClub !function(d,s,id){var...
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  • 40 Ridiculous People in Headdresses at Music Festivals
    Once worn into battle and at ceremonies of a spiritual nature, the headdress (or war bonnet) worn by Native Americans of the Plains is now more often seen in the fields of music festivals. While the traditional headdress was comprised of feathers -- each one signifying a good deed of brave act...
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  • Drink Up!: The People Of The 3rd Annual Houston Beer Fest
    Folks packed Hermann Square Park this weekend for the 3rd Annual Houston Beer Fest. Music, food, and- most importantly- beer were all on the agenda. PHOTOS BY LEONEL NERIO.
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  • Why Superman Movies Matter More Than the Comic Books
    Your idea of Superman -- by which I mean the conception of him that floats in the cultural ether -- is simpler and cleaner than the internalized idea of Superman by comic book nerds. Your idea of Superman was shaped, overwhelmingly, by the movies. Read the full Superman story by Glen...
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