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  • The Sweet Rides of Mecum Auctions at the Reliant Center
    Last week Mecum Auctions returned to Houston with a live auction broadcast from the Reliant Center. We checked out the show on Saturday to get an up close look at some of these classic rides. PHOTOS BY JOSEPH CAPPARELLA.
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  • Our 50 Favorite Music Lovers Of The Year 2013 (So Far)
    Spring means warmer weather and warmer weather means more concerts. In honor of this fact we're celebrating those dedicated music fans who toughed out the first part of the year from the stroke of midnight to the start of Spring, still going to shows and having a blast. Whether it was in the...
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  • Leaping And Spinning Downtown: Our Morning Of Parkour
    For those who practice it, parkour is more than just leaping and bouncing around whatever is in your way; there's a philosophy behind it. Tired of sitting on the sidelines we decided to hit the streets ourselves with the crew from Urban Movement to find out more about the art. PHOTOS BY DERREK...
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  • The 2013 Burger Bracket Championship Tasting
    After multiple rounds of intense competition, and a few upsets along the way, it came down one final round of tasting to find out who has the best burger in Houston. Burger lovers from around the city headed to The Refinery Saturday to taste the burgers and find out who would be crowned...
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  • Anatomy of a Scene: Jurassic Park's T-Rex Introduction
    We don't see it until about an hour into the movie, but the Tyrannosaurus rex in Spielberg's Jurassic Park -- and the scene that builds up to its violent arrival -- is the best in the film, the 3D version of which hits theaters on Friday. We break down the suspenseful introduction -- the...
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  • Gloriously Gallic Grub at L'Olivier
    Something occurred to me halfway through my final lunch course at L'Olivier one afternoon. Over an apple tart so simple as to be nearly ascetic — perfectly flaky puff pastry bottom providing a buttery buttress to the gentle fan of paper-thin Granny Smith apple slices that nearly floated above...
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  • Touring The Alabama-Coushatta Reservation
    The Alabama-Coushatta, whose 10,000-acre reservation sits 90 minutes northeast of Houston, once boasted the Bayou City's closest casino a dozen years ago. In 2002, however, the slots, poker, and blackjack were shut down, taking the $1 million monthly profits with it. We toured the reservation...
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  • Houston Bars Celebrate the Life of Ash Rowell with Weeklong "Ash Bash"
    Last week's six day long Ash Bash celebration saw crowds gather at bars across town to celebrate the life of Ashley "Ash" Rowell, one of Houston's most important craft beer pioneers. Kicking off at Liberty Station and wrapping up this past Saturday at Cottonwood, events raised money for the Ash...
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  • 50 Beer Lovers We'd Like to Party With
    Beer festivals bring out people who don't need a larger excuse to down some suds in the sun -- our kind of folks. We searched the nation and came back with these photos of beer drinkers doing what they love. Because beer makes the world go round (and spin sometimes too).
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  • Oh My Glob!: Adventure Time And Video Game Art At War'Hous
    Inspired by the television show Adventure Time, over 50 artists and musicians came together for the Oh My Glob! art show at War'Hous Visual Studios. Check out the art, the music, and the fans that came out to the show. PHOTOS BY DERREK BARLOW. Read More: War'Hous' Adventure Time Exhibition...
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  • Play Ball!: Opening Day For The Astros
    The Houston Astros hosted their in-state rivals the Texas Rangers at Minute Maid Park to open Major League Baseball’s 2013 season on Sunday night -- March 31st, 2013. This will be a season of transition as Houston has made the switch to the American League, as well as being lead by new manager...
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  • No More Making-Out: The Last Night At Marfreless
    Houston's favorite make-out bar closed its doors for the final time Saturday night, and for fans of Marfreless it was a chance to take a walk through the unmarked blue door one last time. We were on hand with those there to to say farewell. PHOTOS BY FRANCISCO MONTES.
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