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  • The Dude Abides: The Houston Lebowski Bash At The Orange Show
    A chilly night couldn't keep fans of The Big Lebowski away from the Houston Lebowski Bash Saturday night. In addition to a screening of the Coen brothers' classic there were costume and trivia contests, plus plenty of food and drink. PHOTOS BY FRANCISCO MONTES.
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  • Stretching Out At The Texas Yoga Conference
    Yoga instructors, vendors, and fans came from across the state for the 2013 edition of the Texas Yoga Conference. Part yoga retreat, part yoga party, the three day conference offered classes and supplies for both experienced yoga practitioners and those just getting started. PHOTOS BY HEATHER...
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  • Adorable Alert: The Rodeo Babies of the Houston Rodeo Petting Zoo
    It's hard to tell who was having more fun: the kids getting up close with the animals or the animals getting up close with the kids. PHOTOS BY HEATHER VIDRINE.
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  • Bringing the Bacon at the Rodeo's 2013 Gold Buckle Foodie Awards
    Bacon was the ingredient of choice at the 2013 Gold Buckle Foodie Awards, the annual competition entered by the dozens of vendors at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. To see a full list of winners, read more at Eating...Our Words. PHOTOS BY JOSHUA JUSTICE
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  • February 2013: Month in Photos
    February was about more than just love in the city. Check out everything that took place, including the NBA All-Star Game, plenty of dancing, and the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
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  • Chef Johann Schuster Keeps Continental Cuisine Current at Charivari
    The name Charivari itself gives you an idea of the kind of food that chef Schuster serves. It's a French slang term that means "beautiful, good mix" or an approximation thereof. And that's what you'll find on Schuster's multinational menu of Continental cuisine. I like this for two reasons: The...
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  • The 2013 Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo Parade
    Cowboys and cowgirls of all ages lined the sidewalks and hit the streets for the annual Houston Rodeo Parade. PHOTOS BY HEATHER VIDRINE.
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  • The Verdict Is In: Judged and Juried
    The East End Studio Gallery held its closing night on Friday, February 21 for Judged and Juried: The Exhibition. Curators Lee E. Wright and Robin Baker brought together the work of over 40 local artists whose pieces were hand picked, Judged and Juried by world class artist Alyssa Monks. PHOTOS...
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  • 2013 Rodeo Cookoff
    The smell of barbecue was in the air this weekend and teams competed in the 2013 Rodeo Cookoff. PHOTOS BY DANIEL KRAMER
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  • Kinda Super Disco at Boondocks
    Boondocks hosted DJ Penguin Prison for their regular Kinda Super Disco Friday night. PHOTOS BY JULIAN BASJEL
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  • Lunar New Year at Fung's Kitchen
    Fung's Kitchen celebrated the Year of the Snake on February 19th with performances, hand-pulled noodle demonstrations and more. PHOTOS BY MAI PHAM
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  • Nosh Bistro Heats Up Upper Kirby
    Perhaps going in with such low expectations is the reason I came away with such a huge crush on the chic, sexy place after only one visit. Two follow-ups confirmed my admiration for what owner Neera Patidar and her French-trained chef, Carlos Gonzales, have done with the narrow space that —...
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