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  • Preppers: Life Off The Grid
    In the high Texas desert outside of Terlingua, where land is cheap and building regulations are lax, a loose community of people who wish to develop self-reliance live off the land and by their wits. Read our feature about the many different kinds of Preppers. PHOTOS BY BRITTANIE SHEY
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  • Montrose's New Veggie Paradise at Roots Bistro
    Roots Bistro is one of the few restaurants where I can leave completely stuffed and not feel bad about it. That's because the main component of all four meals I've had there since it opened in the old Cafe Moustache space in January has been vegetables. PHOTOS BY TROY FIELDS
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  • Fashion on the Bayou at Bayou Live
    Promoter Roguescene celebrated 11 years of partying with a fashion show at Bayou Live this weekend featuring the works of designer Viet Kent. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Sneak Peek at 8th Wonder Brewery
    The craft brewery from Eatsie Boys founders Ryan Soroka, Matt Marcus and Alex Vassilakidis along with brewmaster Aaron Corsi is on track to open this fall. See what the 8th Wonder guys have been up to in the meantime in their East End brewery near the new Dynamo stadium. PHOTOS BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
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  • Behind the Cellar Door: The Texas Wine Industry Opens Up
    Most Texas wineries can't get by on Texas grapes alone. Although the state produces more than 1 million cases of wine a year, Texas is drinking itself dry. And what do Texas wineries do when they can't grow enough grapes to make the roughly 12 million cases a year that we drink? They import the...
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  • Who Came To Party? LMFAO at Toyota Center
    Party pop-stars LMFAO took the stage last night at Toyota Center with openers Eva and Far East Movement, while fans came dressed to dance. See our review of LMFAO on the Rocks Off blog. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • We're Hooked on La Fisheria
    The first and most important thing to know about La Fisheria is that there's absolutely nothing else like it in Houston, and likely never has been. Walking into La Fisheria -- with its electric blue-and-orange cottage and its mustachioed, dreadlocked celebrity chef -- is akin to walking off a...
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  • Saint Arnold's Turns 18
    Sunday afternoon, Texas's oldest microbrewery celebrated its 18th anniversary with a party at the brewery, including a rock paper scissors tournament won by local Aaron King, who won a kegerator and St. Arnold Santo beer tap handle. PHOTOS BY LISA RAMIREZ
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  • World Naked Bike Ride 2012 (sNSFW)
    Houston joined several other cities across the country in celebrating World Naked Bike Ride, organized to bring awareness to the "indecent exposure" humans face from vehicle emissions. Houston riders rolled through the East End and Montrose in various stages of undress Saturday night. Also...
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  • Printer's Ball 2012
    This weekend the annual Printer's Ball, an exhibition and print sale, took place at Black Swan Screenprinting in Spring Street Studios. Festivities included live printing, music by CeePlusBadKnives and Dan Castillo and works by artists such as Give Up, DUAL, Shreddi, Ack!, Jeanette Degollado...
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  • Heinz: 57 Kinds of Condiments (and Counting)
    In case you didn't know, that magical 57 advertised by the Heinz company is a murky measure of its inventory. Founder Henry J. Heinz supposedly chose that particular figure because 5 and 7 were his and his wife's lucky numbers, respectively. When the slogan was implemented, Heinz was already...
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  • Sips, Suds and Sliders: Wine & Food Week
    Wine & Food Week 2012 offered a variety of events for guests to sample more than 500 wine products. One of the Big Three events, Sips, Suds and Sliders, brought talented chefs from around the country to compete for the “Shining Slider” award. Guests sampled wines and beers from the various...
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