Inside the Renovated Marfreless

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Once thought to be gone for good, Marfreless is in the midst of a soft opening under new management. We were invited to get a look at the make-out bar post-renovations. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES.

Published on February 3, 2014

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Having been a loyal Marfreless customer for years, naturally I was a little apprehensive about the changes I was reading. However, after making a visit to Marfreless this past weekend, there is no doubt that the changes were nothing more than improvements. Not only does the place feel sexy and warm, but you can still feel the Marfreless charm throughout. With so much media on the renovations, I was concerned about how the place would carry-on as a "hide-out." After seeing what it's all about first hand (and a little chit-chat), I can see that the owners really value the customers' privacy and making sure the customer is accommodated. Touché! Looking forward to continuing many great evenings with Marfreless!

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