The Faces And Firearms Of The NRA Convention

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For three days the National Rifle Association met in Houston for their annual Meeting and Exhibits, which included talks from well known politicians and commentators, autograph signings and, of course, plenty of guns. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE.

Published on May 6, 2013

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Somewhat surprising event.  Not as organized (poor layout), very crowded, very mixed crowd (age, sex, ethnicity), some aftermarket vendors not in attendance that you would expect, not as much ultra-rightist attitude on display on the attendees or on the vendor tables, classic neofascist/survivalist tomes and manuals thankfully absent.  Lots of black rifles, BMGs, assault rifles, but none of the classic gangbanger specials or an oversupply of "sound suppresors".  Relatively few hunting vendors on the whole.  SHOT Show much more worth the trip.  Really wasn't seeing the inevitability of NRA success on display.  LaPierre needs a new haircut, too.  On TV he looked like Uncle Adolf including the slaver.

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