The Lovely Ladies and More of RenFest 2013

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RenFest 2013 opened last weekend, and the festival was filled with fair maidens, serious warriors, and some amazing dancers. PHOTOS BY SON LAM.

Published on October 14, 2013

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I remember the good old days of Ren Fest, when sure, costumers played a LITTLE fast and loose with history, going beyond the Renaissance to medieval times, even iron age. And of course some Tolkien-esque characters would show up. But now, steampunk, goth, SPIDERMAN? Any sense of Renaissance/Medieval theme has been completely diluted, and it takes away from the atmosphere of the festival . It's now become a venue for people to let their freak flags fly, and for women to show off a lot of skin, and by a lot of skin, I mean women whose fat rolls have fat rolls in skimpy chain mail bikinis, and leather corsets where not only do their breasts spill over the top, but the fat rolls under their arms do too. Not exactly the most family friendly atmosphere.

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