WWE RAW: Nice Hair!

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Name: Neill Marshall
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Occupation: Hard-rock musician
Alias: "The Riddler" (hes done some backyard wrestling)
Finisher: The Brainbuster. "It's a suplex, but instead of dropping the guy straight back, I drop him right down on his head and use my forearm to break the fall... I fucked it up a lot."

WWE fans are renowned for their style--especially their hairstyle. So we made the trip to the Monday Night RAW showing at the Toyota Center to check them out. While we were disappointed by the dearth of mullets, we found more than enough excellent hairdos to keep us busy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of them belonged to amateur wrestlers. Everyone else was quick to come up with the alias and finisher they'd use in the ring. CAPTIONS & INTERVIEWS BY MIKE GIGLIO, PHOTOS BY CHRIS "THE BODY" LOLL

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