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  • The play is an utter lark of a sex comedy.

    Nineteen twenty-five was definitely the year to be Noël Coward. He had four shows running concurrently on London's West End and was starring... More >>

  • Stevens brings actor and show to exciting life.

    Barrymore on Broadway won the brilliant actor Christopher Plummer the 1997 Tony Award as Best Actor for portraying John Barrymore, the youngest... More >>

  • Get swept along even when the theme is overplayed.

    Editor's Note: SPOILER ALERT — some of the twists and turns of the play are revealed in this review, so stop reading if you like... More >>

  • This is pure, hilarious fun at the Alley Theatre.

    Christopher Durang has been good to off-Broadway, providing it with a string of well-received comedic plays — and off-Broadway has... More >>

  • We long to see more from Matthew Lopez.

    The final moments of Matthew Lopez's thrillingly theatrical TheWhipping Man, now smoldering inside Stages Repertory Theatre, now bursting into... More >>

  • Houston Grand Opera gets off to a great start with the beginning of its epic march through Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung.

    Well, it's finally arrived! The "it" in question is, of course, Richard Wagner's monumental operatic myth, The Ring of the Nibelung. The... More >>

  • Das Rheingold Is a monumental undertaking.

    Without doubt he is the most despised composer in history. Yet he wrote some of the world's most sublime music. More books have been written... More >>

  • HGO waltzes through Sondheim's beloved musical.

    Has any classic Stephen Sondheim musical ever looked quite so ravishing as this Houston Grand Opera production of A Little Night Music, borrowed... More >>

  • There's no sleeping through this version of the Scottish play.

    Shakespeare's shortest tragedy gets cut down to bite-size in this latest collaboration between Guy Roberts's Prague Shakespeare Company and Main... More >>

  • Houston Ballet presents a dazzling retelling of the classic story of a boy, his genie-inhabited lamp and the princess whose love he wins.

    Aladdin may not be one of Western culture's primary princess fairy tales (i.e., Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves),... More >>

  • These dances are full-fledged theatrical experiences.

    In a moment of visual hijinks, a man and a woman in the middle of a budding courtship turn to each other with faces full of passion and, no, they... More >>

  • Houston Grand Opera takes us on an amazing trip in presenting this opera left forgotten in Soviet archives.

    Unless composed by Richard Strauss or Benjamin Britten, 20th-century opera is fairly devoid of masterpieces. Considering that Strauss's last... More >>

  • Drop a memoir into a family gathering and the battle is on in Other Desert Cities.

    Jon Robin Baitz has had a number of plays well-received by critics and audiences, but there seemed to be a consensus that even more might be... More >>

  • There's lots of alternatives to the same old same old this year.

    The holiday theater season roars to life in December. The big perennials in town, the Alley's A Christmas Carol (Dickens with an annoying case of... More >>

  • The collaboration with pianist Lang Lang left viewers breathless.

    Unless they're on strike or, maybe, charging the barricades in protest, French audiences don't stand up. It's just not in their genes. In the... More >>

  • Kinky sex comes to the Alley Theatre.

    Kinky sex comes to the Alley Theatre via David Ives's provocatively funny Venus in Fur (2010). Vanda (the amazing Nicole Rodenburg) arrives with... More >>

  • Maher's latest doesn't astound, it stupefies.

    'Astound me!" dared Ballets Russes impresario Serge Diaghilev to young pup Jean Cocteau, who had just been inducted into the great man's inner... More >>

  • The Bayou City should be proud of our former maestros performing in Europe.

    The internationally renowned Salzburger Festspiele has been at the forefront of annual summer music festivals ever since its founding in 1920 by... More >>

  • However much designed to offend, The Book of Mormon delivers human warmth along with its calculated irreverence.

    The Book of Mormon has been an audience favorite, often selling out on Broadway, an artistic success (winning nine Tony Awards), and a triumphant... More >>

  • Comedy fares a bit better than drama at this year's Houston Shakespeare Festival.

    Mike Nichols, winner of eight Tony Awards as best director, with seven additional nominations, once said, "I've noticed that, in repertory... More >>

  • The megahit continues to pack in audiences despite a wandering plot line.

    With all the aerial modes of transportation on display in Stephen Schwartz's (and book writer Winnie Holtzman's) megahit musical Wicked —... More >>

  • Several local companies put their stamp on Sweeney Todd.

    The original 1979 production of Stephen Sondheim's musical masterpiece, Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, ran in Broadway's largest... More >>

  • The bloody play of wrong decisions made comes to Stark Naked Theatre.

    In Stark Naked Theatre Company's season finale, Macbeth, real-life couple and the troupe's co-directors Philip Lehl and Kim Tobin tackle... More >>

  • Theatre Southwest's Dracula is an English neo-Gothic trip compete with mystery, sex and, of course, blood.

    Fog swirls underfoot and Gregorian chant reverberates. Red light bathes two blanched, debauched brides wearing dusty wedding dresses. They perch... More >>

  • Everyone is battling for his own private piece of the action in this play at the Alley.

    A Republican assemblyman from New York, Julius Weishan Lee, Chinese-American, has given an inspirational talk that has gone viral and brought him... More >>

  • In Race, at Ensemble, David Mamet blowtorches our perceptions.

    The title of David Mamet's last successful play is a four-letter word. Race. Surprise? Mamet is the Shakespeare of the scatological, the poet of... More >>

  • Jay Sullivan finds the beauty in The Elephant Man.

    Strapping, handsome and near naked, actor Jay Sullivan is sculpted under the white hot light of a medical school lecture hall. His immense and... More >>

  • Houston Grand Opera's Tristan und Isolde is a feast for the ears.

    Star Light Hail, Nina Stemme, goddess of opera! Hail, Houston Grand Opera for bringing her here! Hail, maestro Patrick Summers for a thrilling... More >>

  • In this latest coproduction from Main Street Theater, Shakespeare's war play springs to magnificent life.

    While we are thrillingly led "once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" in Main Street Theater's sterling production of Shakespeare's... More >>

  • Guy Roberts returns to Houston in a co-production with Main Street Theater of Shakespeare's heroic blood, guts and mud epic Henry V.

    Anyone lucky enough to catch Guy Roberts at Houston's Main Street Theater last year, knows of his chameleon-like properties. In the Tom Stoppard... More >>

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