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10 Anchormen We Want to Make Out with

Tonight, the Alamo Drafthouse, the place you can drink a lot and watch a movie, is bringing its "Rolling Roadshow" to downtown Houston's Market Square for a movie under the stars. The movie du jour of the evening will be the Will Ferrell vehicle Anchorman. If you've never seen Anchorman, you are probably over 60 and/or hate comedy and/or America. The movie has become a beloved classic with a slew of quotable lines and scenes. I was recently in an HR seminar on workplace communication where an excerpt from the movie was shown to illustrate how important open dialogue is in the workforce (because without it you may be eaten by bears).

What makes this movie so dang funny to me is not just its brilliant ensemble cast or Will Ferrell at his best, but the idea that Ferrell is a really sexy anchorman that women swoon over. I don't think I am in the minority here when I say that Will Ferrell is not the most attractive dude, especially with that 1970s 'stache. But to each his own, of course.

Unlike lady newscasters, who are required to be good-looking, hot anchormen are hard to come by...or are they? Here are ten newscasters we would totally make out with.

10. Chris Cuomo

It doesn't hurt Chris Cuomo's career that he was born with political blood, and it really doesn't hurt his female audience that he is very easy on the eyes. Finally there is a reason to watch 20/20 and pay attention to legal news. Keep talking about due process and I will just imagine you have no shirt on.

9. Larry Mowry

I never want to visit Dallas, but if I was forced to, at least I would have CBS 11's Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry to look forward to. According to his bio, "...Larry enjoys jogging, lifting weights, music and traveling." As vague as this personality description sounds, as long as he's not listening to Nickelback while he lifts those weights, I'm fine with his desire to stay in shape.

8. Jason Jones

Obviously, we are using the term "anchorman" loosely here. I may get some flak for this, but I would take Jason Jones home with me over Jon Stewart any day of the week. He's got that mean, sarcastic thing going on that some girls find really attractive, like me.

7. Erik Barajas

Erik Barajas is the 4 p.m. newscaster for our very own KTRK13. When you Google his name, the second autopopulate phrase to come up is "Erik Barajas shirtless," so I certainly do not stand alone in putting him on my NILF list.

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