10 Best Action Figures Based on Houstonians

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I'm an action figure collector from way back in the day. One wall of my room was totally dedicated to various mint-in-box plastic heroes and villains hung from pushpins. It's not the sort of thing I have the cash for these days, but I recently found out that if you wanted to celebrate Houston purely based on the action figures of some of our residents you can totally do so!

Dennis Quaid - Bowen In 1990 we got a long overdue return to dragon films in DragonHeart. Truth be told, yeah, it wasn't the greatest film, but it was enough to fill the fantasy-obsessed heart of this nine-year-old up with wonder and joy. Dennis Quaid played Bowen in that film, and he got a figure based on him from Kenner that featured a spear-shooting war wagon! There's also a G.I. Joe one of him from the 2009 movie, but it just doesn't compare.

Shannon Elizabeth - Justice Though it doesn't look much like her, Graphitti Designs did produce a figure from the Kevin Smith film Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back for Shannon Elizabeth's character Justice. It's more of a statue than anything else, but better than nothing.

Edwin Neal - The Hitchhiker Our own Edwin Neal has had plenty of great villainous roles over the years, but he'll always be remembered for being the sinister hitchhiker in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre flick. Sure, he played second fiddle to Leatherface, but who wouldn't? On the other hand, he was arguably the more disturbing of the brothers and clearly the more devious. Mezco honored him with a figure in 2008.

Michael Nesmith - Himself In case you didn't know, one of The Monkees was from Houston, guitarist Michael Nesmith. He also appeared in this horrifying, four-headed finger puppet toy from Mattel that was released in 1966. Nesmith gets the middle finger. I'm not even going to tell a joke for that one.

Jim Parsons - Dr. Sheldon Cooper Though I'm never going to be a big fan of The Big Bang Theory I'm always pleased to see Jim Parsons owning every inch of scenery whenever he's on screen. As is only appropriate, there are plenty of figures available for him in multiple variants and including a Stretch Armstrong. The best, though, is this 18" poseable version from SD Toys that comes complete with white board and satchel.

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Jeremy Lin - Himself Though he's gone on to the Lakers, for two years Jeremy Lin and the accompanying Linsanity was housed right here with the Rockets. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned, but in 2012 he was immortalized by MacFarlane in a stunning statue figure that, while not really something you could play with, was still an impressive addition to your collector shelf.

Farrah Fawcett - Jill Though she was born in Corpus Christi, Fawcett moved to Houston at a young age. She exploded in popularity as Jill on Charlie's Angels and Hasbro responded to that by recreating the new icon in doll form in 1977. Fawcett would quit the show after one season.

Jennifer Garner - Sydney Bristow Setting aside figures created for Garner following her appearance as Elektra in the rather unwatchable Daredevil film, she was also lucky enough to be included in a line from Alias. Stevenson Entertainment did a wonderful job of incorporating moveability alongside a pretty decent recreation of her features. Seems very rare to get a licensed action figure you can actually play with these days.

Booker T - Himself You might notice that this list is very short on wrestlers. It's not because we haven't produced some great combatants or that they haven't had awesome action figures. It's just that there are so many of them that picking a single figure from a single line even for just one wrestler is a huge hurdle. I think everyone can agree, though, that letting this awesome, limited edition King Booker figure go by without comment would be a mistake. It's from Mattel's Elite Collectors Series 14, and usually runs around $75 when you can find it.

Beyonce - Foxxy Cleopatra I hate to end it on a sad note, but possibly the greatest action figure of a Houstonian made it only to prototype. Mezco unveiled the amazing figure above to be part of the Austin Powers in Goldmember line, only to cancel it shortly before production for reasons unknown. That's unfortunately a pretty common case with Mezco, but this time it's a real blow because just look at Queen B! Fully articulate, yet with statue quality art. It's a thing of beauty, but sadly the only one of its kind in existence. Still, It's nice to know that something so awesome exists somewhere even it can't be mine.

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