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10 Best Buddy Cop Duos (Including One Trio) to Date

It's always the same story... two very different cops... are forced to be partners and despite their differences--they wind up friends and take down the big bad guy. Like so many movie formulas this is a common one, but in spite of its predictability most of these buddy cop films are pretty awesome in their own unique way.

Jenko & Schmidt in '21 Jump Street' With the theater release of '22 Jump Street' last week, it's only appropriate that I start with these two lovable goofballs. Originally I was skeptical about how teaming up beefcake Channing Tatum with a very non-sexy Jonah Hill (sorry!) was going to work, but this pair proved me wrong as two rookies forced to partner up and go undercover as high school students. Watching these two try to adjust to a modern day high school, which now includes 'hipsters' and skinny jeans, is hilarious on its own, but it's really the 'opposites attract' bromance that forms between these dudes that makes this flick funny.

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Crystal Brannen