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10 Best Businesses to Tour in and Around Houston

Maybe you were one of those kids who resented a trip to tour factories and other proud bastions of industry in and around the city of Houston. If so, have fun, hippies, because nothing says masterhood like carving the natural resources of Mother Earth into mechanical submission! Me, I love a good look 'round at how things are made. I still have a program on the history and manufacturing of concrete on my DVR after three years because it's bloody fascinating.

If you share this love, then come on with me. We've got some great places to take tours through.

Blue Bell Creameries Though it's a drive out to Brenham to do so, one of the best tours available within reasonable distance is of the Blue Bell Creameries. The price is very affordable, $6 for adults and $4 for kids and seniors. It's a 45-minute walk through the plant with a well-versed staff regarding the history of the company and the exact ice cream making process. Plus at the end they give you free samples of any flavor you like. It's a trek, but if for some reason you're taking a trip to Austin, it makes for a fun and informative stopover. But warning: It's not open on weekends.

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