10 Best Endings in the Sookie Stackhouse Coda After Dead

Though the literary adventures of Sookie Stackhouse have come to a close, and the television adventures set to follow next season, Charlaine Harris had one more bit of magic up her sleeve for fans.

After Dead is a collection of endings for various characters who for some reason or the other never got their final bow in the books. J.K. Rowling has been threatening to do something like this for Harry Potter for years. While it's not the most in-depth read Harris has ever put out (I read it cover to cover in an hour), it is a neat little addendum to the books and a nice way to say goodbye.

There are something like 50 entries in the book, and today I thought I'd celebrate the ten that most tickled my fancy. Make sure you pick up a copy to hear the rest. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Terry Bellefleur: Though he went to his rest last season on True Blood, Terry managed to little longer in the books. He and his wife Jimmie raised award-winning litters of dogs in their double-wide for many years to come until they died in a car accident coming from their grandchild's birthday party. A bequest was set up in his name to treat prisoners of war.

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