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10 Contributions to Fashion Courtesy of the Wild West & in Honor of the Houston Rodeo

Most people don't think of Texas when they think of fashion, but I bet they think of the Lone Star state when they think the wild west. We are known for buckles, boots, and bandanas, but what about bolo ties, reptile skin leather and gingham? Texas has played a huge part in fashioning - pun intended - what the world calls the American look.

Now, western wear has surfaced as a true trend. Karl Lagerfeld's recent visit to Dallas and a few designers feeling the cowboy spirit this season - Roberto Cavalli showed lots of fringe bags for Just Cavalli Fall 2014 and multiple designers dressed their models in cowboy hats - has sealed it as a solid trend for Spring.

In honor of the newly minted western trend and upcoming Rodeo Houston, here are 10 contributions the fashion industry can thank Texas for, whether they know it or not.

Fringe Not to be confused with the roaring 20's flapper fringe, the shredded fabric detail is synonymous with western culture and can be found on coats, purses, shoes, and skirts.

Belt Buckle The belt buckle has been around for a while - earliest found was from the Iron Age - but the statement belt buckle is Texas born and raised. The bigger the better is the rule of thumb.

Feathers Used as decoration for hats, shirts, and even your hair, the use of feathers as accessories is a tradition created by Native Americans and adopted by early western settlers as a statement making addition to cowboy hats.

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Cowboy Hat Speaking of hats, we cannot go on with the list and not mention the classic cowboy hat. You can't get more Texas than a 10 gallon.

Cowboy Boots Other than the hat, no other piece of western wear is as universally known as the cowboy boot.

Neckwear The bolo tie may not be your go to accessory now a days (unless you are a hipster, then you have one in every color), but it is a decidedly western neckwear accessory, along with bandanas.

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Prairie Skirt Named for their resemblance to the handmade skirts worn by pioneer women, the prairie skirt trend has moved in and out of fashion over the years.

Turquoise The American Southwest is one of the biggest turquoise producers in the world. Though seen as an ancient mineral - turquoise is found on King Tut's burial mask - it has become the gemstone of the west.

Animal Skin Everything You don't think armadillo skins comes from New York do you? The use of animal skin as fabric is all over western wear and we do not discriminate either - horse hair, eel, armadillo, snake, gator, it's all up for grabs.

Western Fabrics Patterned fabrics like plaid and gingham are straight out of the old west, but all mighty denim is by far the fabric all the world should be thanking Texas for daily.

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