10 Great Drone Videos of Houston

Aerial drones are becoming increasingly inexpensive and more people are flying them.  Since drones equipped with cameras can be bought for less than $100, with higher-quality models available for not a lot more, more and more hobbyists are taking to the skies and seeing our world from an entirely new perspective. We've covered the unpleasant issue of people using their drones to spy on their neighbors, but thought it would be interesting to look at some of the better videos folks have uploaded of their aerial drone footage of Houston. They offer a different view of the bayou city than most of us have seen before, and are worth a look.

10. The Galleria Area at Night.

This amazing nighttime footage of the Galleria area gives a jaw-dropping sense of scale to Houston, as the city lights just seem to stretch into infinity in every direction. 

9. Clear Skies Over BBVA Compass Stadium, Buffalo Bayou and the Houston Skyline.

This drone footage was taken on a beautiful Saturday with clear skies, and features great footage around Buffalo Bayou, and unique views of both BBVA Compass Stadium and the downtown skyline.

8. A Pleasant Glide Over Hermann Park.

Besides giving a great view of one of Houston's best parks, this video also proves just how popular flying drones is becoming, as it captures footage of another person piloting a small drone below it. The footage of Hermann Park is wonderful, and at times shows just how large the area is, with trees spreading out for what looks like miles. The footage varies from "just overhead" to hundreds of feet in the air, and is a great view of Hermann Park on a nice day.

7. Another Notable View of Hermann Park.

The footage this drone pilot captured is mostly from higher above, and the edits are quicker, but it gives a good idea of just how pretty parts of Houston are from above.

6. When the Houston Area Floods, We Flood Big Time.

And people with drones have captured ample evidence of that fact, as this sampling of videos from the 2015 floods proves.

It's Houston, so we do everything big here. Including flooding.

5. Drone Footage Shows Why We're Called "The Bayou City."

Some Houstonians probably forget that we have extensive natural waterways snaking through the city, and this stunning footage of Buffalo Bayou is a good reminder that we do.

4. A Nighttime View From the Heights.

This video is great, because we watch from the drone's point of view as it rises into the air from someone's Heights-area home, ascends hundreds of feet and gives an awe-inspiring nighttime view of the area spanning from that neighborhood toward Downtown.

3. The Biggest Mural in Houston Filmed by a Drone in Midtown.

This drone footage documents the creation of "Preservons La Creation," which is the biggest mural in Houston's history, and is located in Midtown. The drone footage is great, and gives a good view of both the mural and the surrounding area.

2. Allen Parkway and Skatepark From Above.

This footage from a drone is interesting because as it glides overhead, the camera captures skaters doing their thing at the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark. Houston has a long history as a great city for skating, and it's cool to see aerial footage of people going at the sport.

1. The San Jacinto Monument and Battleground From Above.

This drone flew around southeast Houston, and got excellent footage of the San Jacinto Monument and Battlegrounds, as well as filming the surrounding area. It's another unique look at the Houston area, and shows off the capabilities of today's consumer drones.

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