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10 Memes That Need their Own Movies

Literally anyone can get a movie made or anything for that matter. Last week it was announced that the Grumpy Cat meme was getting a movie made about, I don't know, I assume it's going to be about being a cat that's grumpy. Grumpy Cat was voted the best meme in the 2013 Webby Awards and its social status has skyrocketed. Grumpy Cat got an agent, agent to the star pets Ben Lashes, and he's been spotted eating over-priced fish at Nobu and smelling the butt of Keyboard Cat despite being in a committed relationship. Next thing you know old Grumps will be strung out on catnip eating out of dumpsters on Hollywood Boulevard.

This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. No, this is actually the dumbest idea I ever heard, but a Grumpy Cat movie is up there. Is this going to be a new trend in the movie businesses, making movies out of memes? After the monumental failure of the Shit My Dad Says Twitter feed-turn television show, producers haven't caught wind that things that steal the general public's attention in 30-second increments do not have the staying power to fill entire plots? I guess not.

So we're doing this now? Then, let's do it. Top ten memes that need their own movies.

10. Rickrolling Dear Hollywood, please remake D.W. Griffith's 1915 glorification of the KKK film, A Birth of A Nation, scene-by-scene, with all of its three hours of horrible, racist, discriminatory acts of violence and right when the audience can't take another minute of it - BAM. Rickrolled.

9. Oolong the Pancake Rabbit

Oolong is a bunny with a pancake on its head, and for some reason the world found this entrancing. But, what if this pancake-sporting bunny was the star of a live-action version of Watership Down. Get some maple syrup because you are going to need something sweet to get the metallic blood taste out of your mouth, bunny!

8. Epic Fail

I think a great use of the "Epic Fail" meme would be to put together a compilation of all of Adam Sandler's movies since Happy Gilmore and every time he does something terribly unfunny, slap the Epic Fail across the scene. This would also make a good drinking game.

7. First World Problems

This is already a movie called The Hangover III/He's Not That Into You/Sex And the City 1 and 2/The Wedding Planner/The Notebook/The Words/You've Got Mail/About a Boy/The 40-Year Old Virgin/Jerry Maguire/Juno/Silver Linings Playbook/Bridget Jones's Diary/Anything by Woody Allen starring Katherine Heigl or Reece Whiterspoon or John Cusack that takes place in Manhattan, London, Los Angeles or Austin and there is a scene in the rain where they get wet and complain about how their clothes are wet.

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