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10 More Sh*t People Say Videos and Then We're Done

We will happily admit that when we were told by 30 of our Facebook friends that we just "had to watch" the Sh*t Girls Say Youtube sensation, we were completely amused. We cannot count the number of times in a week that we start a sentence with, "First of all, ewww" on one hand, nor how often we are on the hunt for hummus. We completely understand the seven million views. We even get the need to make a second episode, which, sadly, didn't quite match up to the first. Let's stop there, shall we? No, we shall not!

This is the Internet, and there is an unspoken law that if a video goes viral it must be copied 100 times over and turned into an awful mockery of itself, but in the unfunniest way imaginable.

There is Sh*t Southern Gay Guys Say, Sh*t Asian Girls Say, Sh*t Yogis Say and Sh*t Guys Say, to name a few. Sh*t Vegans Say might have been funny if we ever heard a vegan say any of those things. Sh*t Black Girls Say has its moments, but not 2 minutes and 45 seconds worth of moments. This has gotten completely out of control and needs to stop.... almost! There is always room at the bottom of the barrel, so we are wondering who's going to say sh*t next?

Here are our top ten recommendations for who we want to see make a "sh*t says" video.

10. Sh*t Moms Say Clean your room! I made you; I can break you. Why don't you go live with your father!

9. Sh*t Pizza Delivery Guys Say Thanks for the tip, cheapskate. You called at 8, it's not even 8:30. I definitely got here in under a half an hour. Thanks for the tip, no really. That was very nice of you.

8. Sh*t Dogs Say Woof.

7. Sh*t Bosses Say You don't mind doing that, do you? So, I'm going to need those TPS reports. You don't mind filing that for me, do you? I'm working from home today because my kid is sick. I'm working from home today because my dog is sick. I'm just working from home today. 6. Sh*t Creepy Uncles Say You've filled out so well. What, you're too big to sit on your uncle's lap? Do you want to try a sip of my Meister Bräu?

5. Sh*t Steve Buscemi Says I can't relate to 99 percent of humanity. Do you think Tommy Lee sat around and waited for the bus? Man, he hustled. That's how come he gets to live in the Hills and pork Heather Locklear. Uh-uh, I don't tip. So, how long you been with the escort service? Find that work interesting, do ya?

4. Sh*t Theater Nerds Say That's Beckett for you! Stage right, not your right. It's a total Mamet rip-off. Their set saved the entire show. It definitely had undertones of Shepard, but more in your face drama, you know what I mean? That's Ibsen for you!

3. Sh*t Husbands Say I need shampoo. I did hang my towel up, it must have fell on the bed somehow. I'll do it right after this inning. I did put my socks in the hamper, they must have just fell on the floor somehow. You never want to watch football with me. I do like your sisters. 2. Sh*t World of Warcraft Geeks Say What is this, another Corrupted Blood plague incident? I have the Darkmoon Defender achievement, but when I look at the other achievements -- Darkmoon Dungeoneer and Darkmoon Despoiler -- the only three it has me down for having turned in are the Journal, Insignia and Crystal. With the release of 4.3, all Valor Points will be down-converted to Justice Points, and all Conquest Points will be down-converted to Honor Points. What has the Azeroth come too... eating gnomes?! 1. Sh*t Foreign Exchange Students Say In my country ______

In case you are the one person who missed the original video.

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