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10 More Sh*t People Say Videos and Then We're Done

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10. Sh*t Moms Say Clean your room! I made you; I can break you. Why don't you go live with your father!

9. Sh*t Pizza Delivery Guys Say Thanks for the tip, cheapskate. You called at 8, it's not even 8:30. I definitely got here in under a half an hour. Thanks for the tip, no really. That was very nice of you.

8. Sh*t Dogs Say Woof.

7. Sh*t Bosses Say You don't mind doing that, do you? So, I'm going to need those TPS reports. You don't mind filing that for me, do you? I'm working from home today because my kid is sick. I'm working from home today because my dog is sick. I'm just working from home today.

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Abby Koenig
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