10 Overrated Gift Ideas This Season

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Black Friday has come and gone, and gift-giving season is upon us. Whether you're elbowing other shoppers in a mad grab for this year's hot toys, like the Kenscott Giga Ball or Spin Master's Majikoo Hatchimal, or in pursuit of more traditional gifts like ties, candles and ugly Christmas sweaters, you might want to consider taking a pass when it comes to these ten overrated gift ideas.

The silicone dolls at BabyClon are eerily lifelike, though most of them appear more human than baby Na'vi from Pandora and bitch-in-training Maleficent. Though it does raise the question: Could a witch and a Pandorian mate and, if so, what superpowers would their progeny possess? Baby Na'vi was priced at $2,000, and for that kind of money we'd prefer a gazillion-inch flat-screen instead. If you have to have it, though, baby Na'vi has sold out, but stay tuned because Na-vi Preemie Avatar is set to release very soon, and it's yours for €1,800.00 at babyclonshop.com.

Inventiveness and entrepreneurship are great, and finding a better way to encourage pet owners to pick up dog feces ranks up there with the need for converting saltwater into potable water. This product attaches a hinged, cushioned plastic doohickey to your dog's tail. A disposable bag clips on, and gravity does the rest. The manufacturer is confident about this one, with claims that it will even work with diarrhea, although it does call for a tail that's at least two inches in length. We've got doubts about this one, especially when Fido's wagging his tail (and the bag) out of range or running up a hill. But if you want to give it a go the next time your dog has to go, visit piqapoo.com.

Sure, when the zombies take over and city services shut down, the Zombie Annihilation Crate will help with digging latrines, chopping wood and clearing brush, but everybody knows that it takes a bullet to the brain to stop the walking dead. We can't guarantee survival of the zombie apocalypse, but a little duct tape and Spam goes a long way toward delaying the inevitable. Keep evil at bay for $179.99 from mancrates.com.

The Shark Tank moguls usually know when to utter the words "I'm out," but this one seems to be a miss. Lori Greiner ponied up $100,000 for a percentage of the biz, earning her the nickname "Beard Queen." Sure, it's good that the beard bib comes in both black and white, but wouldn't a towel over the bathroom counter be less expensive than the $29.99 Beard King? If you have to have it, though, we found this on amazon.com.

Epic fail on the likenesses for these no-longer-relevant Bobbleheads. If we squint real hard we can sorta kinda make out Hillary – there's the old pantsuit in a primary color thing going on – but surely the artists could have made the Trump Bobblehead more like our president-elect and less like a mash-up between Jim Gaffigan and Christopher Walken. If you simply can't resist – the BobbleStage is limited edition and they're individually numbered to only 100 – then this lovely item is yours for $165 at store.bobbleheadhall.com.

This product is practically un-American: It's like banning baseball, hot dogs and apple pie in one fell swoop. Everybody has his or her own way to eat an Oreo, and hand-dunking ranks right up there with twisting apart and eating the sugary cream filling. Reviews for the dipr are mixed and include complaints that it's hard to un-stick the cookie from the dipr. The manufacturer seems to be aware of this; it also sells a shallow cup called the dunkr, which is perfect for hand-dunking. If you're ready to join the dunking revolution, purchase the dipr for $2.99 or the dunkr for $4.99 at thedipr.com/store.

Think back to the last time you were at the dry cleaner's, waiting for the carousel to spin slowly around for your garment. Is there really any conceivable way that rotating this motorized tie rack can ever be faster than just reaching in and grabbing the tie off the hanger? Of course, if your spice rack and canned goods are alphabetized, then this might be just up your alley; it's yours for $59.99 from sharperimage.com.

This waffle maker looks like a cool idea, but it's the wrong shape for the round burners found on most stove tops, which could result in uneven cooking. The manufacturer skirts the issue by displaying the waffle maker on a barbecue grill, a square gas burner and a square plate. But if you like the look of all those syrup reservoirs, and especially the space bar, then it's yours for $64.99 at skymall.com.

Unless you're headed to The Men's Club of Houston (we're big fans of their Monday steak and shrimp specials), there are faster ways to drain your bank account than loading up a toy gun with singles. E-friending the Prince of Nigeria or opening snail mail with a Huntsville return address will both get you to financial insolvency faster than the Cash Cannon. But if you want to join the many others who have submitted their "make it rain" vids to social media, then get your money shooter at thecashcannon.com. $59.99 to $79.99.

A warm towel sounds great, especially during the winter months, but for $99.99 I'll keep the c-note and trot over to the dryer for a quick toss to heat up my towels. Product reviews talk about how the internal heater gives out after three to five months, and as a safety mechanism it shuts off on its own, so there's no way to wake up and be greeted by cottony warmth. But if you absolutely, positively have to have it, then visit brookstone.com and consider adding on the extended warranty. $99.99.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.