10 Reasons Grand Theft Auto VI Should be Set in Houston

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9. We Have Great Places to Beat People Up At: Am I the only one that still gets scared when crossing the 610 bridge over the ship channel? No? Good, now imagine a high speed chase up to the top culminating in a fist fight that sends someone down to the water below? Barring that, how about firefights on Main with the trains whipping back and forth threatening to smash you?

8. A Medical Setting Gives You The Perfect Cover: Houston is home to the nation's largest medical industry, and also to Memorial Hermann Life Flight. What better set-up for a crook than a medical tech that uses his connections in the hospital system to sell drugs and can fly a helicopter? It would be the perfect fast travel system, and you can do more heroic actions like driving ambulances to save people.

7. The Rap Scene Gives Us Great Backdrops: I'm not trying to imply that our rappers are criminals. By and large they're a fantastic group of dedicated and law- abiding artists. That said, nothing says exciting like scenes set at any number of big shows, and we've got the talent pool to put together a really kicking hip hop soundtrack.

6. One Word... Space: No, we can't launch rockets or shuttles from Houston. Hell, we didn't even get a retired shuttle, but that's what video games are for: wish fulfillment. The country associates Houston with space already, let's take GTA into freakin' orbit as proper sequel logic dictates it should have already done by now.

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