10 Things to Do With Your Kids on Spring Break

It may get a little crowded this week, but it's still hard to go wrong with the Children's Museum of Houston.
It may get a little crowded this week, but it's still hard to go wrong with the Children's Museum of Houston. Photo by sikeri via Flickr
Welcome to Spring Break, when you have absolutely got to find something for your kids to do so they don’t destroy your house and eat all your snack cakes. Luckily, there’s a lot going on this year.

10. St. Patrick’s Day at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
2425 Norfolk

Wait, take your kids to the BAR? I’m dead serious. The Mucky Duck’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are an absolute blast, and extremely family-friendly. Starting at 11 a.m. the party takes on a festival atmosphere with traditional Irish music and dance on two stages, plus food like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips. And yes, you can drink if you like. I recommend families show up as early as possible so you can get your fill before things get rowdier in the evening.

Photo by jjsala via Flickr
9. Art Classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
5601 Main

The MFAH is running a series of classes aimed at teaching kids different media forms all throughout Spring Break, everything from watercolor to fiber arts. Having dropped in on some of their kid classes before, I highly recommend them. The staff is always lovely and attentive, and kids will have a chance to create in the ultimate artistic atmosphere. Plus, they’re free with general admission to the museum; kids 12 and under are always admitted free anyway, so it’s one of the more affordable options.

8. Xtreme Spring Break Houston at the Children’s Museum
1500 Binz

The Children’s Museum is going all out for Spring Break this year: Ninja warrior courses, human hamster balls, a chance to fly drones, and an after-hours dance party are just the tip of the iceberg. On Pi Day (March 14) there will be shaving cream pie fights, and on March 11 a liquid nitrogen science demonstration. Every day brings a new lineup of jugglers, break dances, jump-rope artists, and more. I guarantee you’ll definitely fins something to do there.

Photo courtesy City of Houston
7. Feed the Horses at the Mounted Patrol Barn
5005 Little York

The zoo tends to get crazy-crowded over Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see some animals. Visitors are allowed to feed and interact with the horses of the Houston Mounted Police. There’s no charge, and you can bring apples, carrots or peppermint candy to give the our equine friends. Unscheduled visits run only from noon-2 p.m., so call for an appointment if attending outside that window.

Photo by Patrick Feller via Flickr
6. Visit Surfside Beach
It’s a bit more of a drive than Galveston, but if your kids are begging for the beach, Surfside is way nicer and usually less crowded. Beach rentals are very affordable, though if your kids get twitchy without a wi-fi connection you may find Internet hard to come by. Check out Surfside Jetty Shack for lunch!

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