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10 Tips on Making Your Thanksgiving Go Smoothly (We're Not Talking Food Here)

Thanksgiving is perhaps the most counter-intuitive holiday in existence. The premise is simple; you and your closest family and friends get together and have a meal. Couldn't be simpler, right? However, in practice you run up against a hoard of tiny little frictions that collectively (And hopefully metaphorically) threaten to turn the whole evening into a blazing failure.

It's really not as hard as you think to make a dinner run smoothly, though, and today I thought I'd help you prep.

10. Initiate Constant Communication: Email and Facebook are wonderful things because they allow mass, recorded communication at the leisure of the respondent. Use this to your advantage. Finalize who all is coming, what will be on the menu, what time to be there, and any other basic information at least two weeks in advance, and encourage everyone to reply all with any questions or comments. The more that people know what to expect the less they will feel gypped when those expectations are not met.

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