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100 Creatives 2012: Carmina Bell

What She Does: Carmina Bell has been the promoter, host and one of the primary DJs at Numbers during their goth-centric Underworld events for 13 years. Her reign as the majordomo at the center of all things spooky in Houston began after returning from living in various other cities around the country, and realizing that Houston could definitely support a gothic/industrial night.

Since then she's brought a legion of great bands to Numbers, including the Mission, Combichrist, and the Genitorturers (Best bumper sticker ever, "My Honor Student Was Sodomized at the Genitorturers Show."), and many local acts like Asmodeus X, Provision, and Psychonaut75 built followings with her help.

She's also the mind behind the annual Miss Spooky Beauty Pageant, which is always the highlight of the Houston gothic social calendar.

Why She Likes It: "I am just glad to have the opportunity to work at Numbers and help keep the type of music we cater to at Underworld alive in our city, and feel that it is due greatly to the support of the club and all the friends and patrons that have kept coming and supporting all our efforts through the years. I enjoy DJing because music has always been a major part of my life; this is my creative outlet to bring music to others."

What Inspires Her: When it comes to planning events and shows, Carmina does what any great promoter does. She keeps her ears and eyes open for what her regular attendees would like to see. She's like a genie that you rub for wishes, as long as your wish is to see Crüxshadows and the Last Dance live onstage.

This willingness to listen applies to her DJ style as well, catering her set lists around careful notice of what songs elicit response and what songs react well with requests. Her style is to keep the early songs more low-key and building throughout the night, the set list being analogous to good foreplay leading to great sex.

If Not This, Then What: "With or without Underworld, I would be involved in the club/music scene in some fashion."

If Not Here, Then Where: "After traveling to other cities and although I found some other venues/club nights enjoyable, I could not imagine doing this in any other city but Houston."

What's Next: On February 25, Underworld celebrates its 25th anniversary, followed by the Annual Miss Spooky Pageant on March 31. Rumor is that Bell will be working with Kris Prudhomme and DJ Frankie Fang to begin bringing more deathrock acts to Numbers starting this summer.

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