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100 Creatives 2012: George Brock, Episcopal High Theater Teacher

What He Does: George Brock teaches theater at Episcopal High School, was formerly involved with Actors Theatre of Houston and is Founding Artistic Director of Generations, a Theatre Company. EHS recently won its third Best Musical Tommy Tune Award in the last five years for its production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Meanwhile, the last season at Generations featured the U.S. Regional Premiere of the Tony Award-winning Spring Awakening and a remount of Yasmina Reza's Art. Generations will be producing Thornton Wilder's Our Town this summer along with the Houston premiere of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Brock brings a passion for the collaborative work environment, and loves it when a bunch of really passionate and talented people get together in a room and go for it. The "it" being, everyone focused on telling a strong story that will affect an audience that has come out and shelled out the requisite $20 or so to hear a good story. He's a dedicated believer in working on the synergy between older actor and newcomers, hoping to temper the latter with wisdom and inspire the former with new vision.

Why He Likes It: "The thing I love the most about theater is when all the work comes together and the performance finishes and then there's this silence...this absolute moment of cathartic silence in which all of the people involved from playwright to the dude who was checking the baseball score when the show started and then he forgot about the game and got sucked into the experience are collectively holding our breath...not wanting the moment to fade. It's like crack."

What Inspires Him: "Shakespeare, David Mamet, Peter Brook, Stanislavski, Dave Matthews, Stephen King, David Fincher, my students, my fellow Houstonian Theatre Peeps...basically everyone and everything influences me and inspires me...in good and bad ways."

If Not This Then What: Brock was raised singing and playing the piano, and occasionally crafts music for his shows with writing partner Andrew Harper. In addition, he performed in bands in high school and college. If theater were off the table, Brock would most likely be a musician because of the peace and calm he feels while composing and playing.

If Not Here, Then Where: Brock has a great affinity for Seattle, where the constant rain drives everyone indoors to the theater.

What's Next: "I am really hoping to get Generations into a more of a year-round performance schedule and find a space and open an acting academy that focuses on skill sets and ethics. I think TV is really messing with people's perceptions of what theater artists really do, and I think that needs some direct rebuttal in a studio environment...for both kids and adults...Glee has done a lot of damage and Smash seems to be following in its footsteps. I also want to get on with developing new work. I have worked with a couple of playwrights over the past couple of years and I want to get those projects into production.

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