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100 Creatives 2012: Lauralee Capelo

What She Does: Capelo is the owner and operator of Not Just Another Girl Dreads. She's been making custom dreads, falls, wigs and hair pieces for ten years. It all started with providing UV hair to match a dance troupe's costumes. Her work was popular enough that fans of the troupe began requesting their own versions. Each piece is to customer specifications, and she generally makes somewhere between 15 and 20 a day.

Why She Likes It: "What do I like about the dread-making process? Everything! I love the creativity that goes into making something new, the meticulous details and, most of all, the people I get a chance to meet and work with."

What Inspires Her: "I am inspired by everything. People, holidays, seasons, fashion, music. Everything! Other people's creativity makes me want to create more, too."

If Not This, Then What: Though she enjoys the craft of weaving hair and designing custom looks for people, Capelo is planning on returning to school in the fall to study photography. Photography was her original goal, but by her own admission, "Life got in the way." However, even upon completion of her studies she plans to continue with the work she's built upon so far, hopefully combining them in shoot.

If Not Here, Then Where: "I do kind of work all over in a way. I make hair products for guys, girls, bands and groups all over the world. I get back pictures from photographers, models and customers from everywhere. I would never want to leave Houston. My family is here and I could never leave them. They're the best part of my life. I also have some really amazing friends here in Houston. And even though the heat and humidity here can really suck sometimes, we have great clubs, awesome music come through here and fab restaurants."

What's Next: Capelo's work continues to appear wherever daring hair is needed, and hopefully it won't be too long before we see her in this column again for her photographic work.

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