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100 Creatives 2012: Sonja Roesch

What She Does: As an art gallery owner, Sonja Roesch has lots on her to-do list, but nothing is more important than making the final selection of the artwork that will hang in each show. "I think that's really essential, for a gallery to chose wise," she tells us, a German accent still marking her words. "These days with so much art production, that means it we have to select more careful than ever before."

Because much of the work she brings in is from European-based artists who have had little exposure to Texas audiences, there's no way for Roesch to predict the local response. "It's always a risk, but I think it's good art and so I put it up, hoping other people will fee the same way."

Why She Likes It: "That's such a hard question! But I think I like most what I do because you are always looking forward, always working on a new goal. Also, you're always on the search. And it's nice to work in a cultural field."

What Inspires Her: "Searching and finding [good art] is inspiring to me. If I see something very interesting or go to fairs and something catch my eye, that's exciting."


If Not This, Then What: "If I wasn't in the art world at all, I'd probably be playing golf or tennis! Yes, that would be nice," she laughs.

If Not Here, Then Where: "Houston is very diverse and culturally very open. It's been very good to be here these past few years, but if we were going to be somewhere else, it would be some place in Europe."

What's Next: Next for Roesch and the gallery is "12/21, Accrochage 2012: Celebrating 21 Years,'' a round-up show with pieces from most of the artists she's represented over the years.

Roesch says she's both proud and surprised at making the two decades+ milestone. "I had no idea that it would last so long! I just started and had fun with it and it grew, and kept going. All of the sudden, it was 21 years later."

Gallery Sonja Roesch is located at 2309 Caroline. For information, visit www.gallerysonjaroesch.com or call 713-659-5424.

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