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100 Creatives 2013: Deke Anderson, Actor (Green Lantern, Army of Darkness)

What He Does: One of the things you quickly learn about the movie industry here in Houston is that we do have a fair amount of working actors going out to do big name films on a regular basis. One of those is Deke Anderson, whose IMDM page hosts both an impressive list of solid parts in big budget productions, such as General Caven in Green Lantern, and upcoming local outings like Kerry Beyer's Deep Terror and Killing Mr. Right.

Personally, I'm just impressed that someone from the infamous Sega CD game Night Trap lives in Houston! As for Anderson, his favorite role of his career was as Randy in the Cheers episode "To All the Girls I've Loved Before," which followed Frasier and Lilith as they have their respective pre-wedding celebrations.

Anderson has one of the coolest got-into-Hollywood stories if you're a horror fan. He got started acting with the Nevada Opera Guild as a singer, but it was a co-worker at a gym he was employed at in Reno who encouraged him to pursued film (Anderson is actually a three-time state bodybuilding champ and his first role was as an uncredited bodybuilder in Hardbodies). That coworker was Kane Hodder, the definitive Jason Vorhees. Anderson took Hodder's advice, and has built a solid acting career.

His approach is very Stanislovski, and to prepare for a role he often will write upwards of 40 pages of character analysis to get into the proper mindset, everything from family history to hobbies to personal quirks.

Why He Likes It: "What I love about acting is it's really impossible to totally conquer. I was able to accomplish all of my goals when I was younger with hard work, determination and drive. Even applying all of that, acting is tough to conquer every goal. I think Hugh Jackman is one of the very few to have done this (Triple threat) and an awesome human being in a very difficult business to stay decent and kind."

What Inspires Him: One of Anderson's friends and personal mentors is Bruce Campbell. Anderson actually appeared in Campbell's Army of Darkness as one of the mini-Ashes that attack the hero in the windmill. Friendship and a willingness to help others is a huge part of Anderson's drive, and he laments that it can be rare in his industry.

If Not Here, Then Where: "I love Houston. My Family and I moved here seven years ago after living in LA for nearly 30 years - I LOVE IT HERE IN HOUSTON! I work in many of the surrounding states, but would not move from Houston."

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