100 Creatives 2013: Kristin Warren, Actress and Choreographer

What She Does: Kristin Warren is a professional actress and choreographer with a host of credits both regional and national under her belt, but she is also the associate artistic director of the Wildfish Theatre. The Wildfish is dedicated to helping kids learn theater arts by producing full Broadway shows every semester. Warren takes care of selecting shows for performance, creating concepts, directing and choreographing productions, setting the different classes and rehearsal calendars, helping to build/design sets, helping design lighting, answering emails/calls from parents, and more. It's a small organization that she partners with artistic director Krysti Wilson-Dailey to execute every aspect of, creative and administrative.

Running Wildfish has been easier since they nabbed their own space. For the 2010 production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee the rehearsals and performances had to be held in whatever locations could be found, including the living room of one of the parents. It was chaotic, but also warm and fun. Warren has an easy way with children's theatrics. She began her own career at the age of five, and was overjoyed to share one of her own first shows, How to Eat Like a Child, with her students.

Why She Likes It: "Theater is a wonderful way to be human. Performers have the wonderful opportunity to move the audience, to evoke emotion in another person. To me, that is a very basic human need; to be moved, and to move others. As an artistic director, I get the chance to pass this knowledge on to these kids, and reap the reward of watching them grow not only as entertainers, but more importantly, as people."

What Inspires Her: Rather than specific figures, Warren draws her influence from the world around her. She treats everything as a potential fuel for creative fire. More than anything else, she is inspired by watching children learn to assert and believe in themselves through the power of the productions. "Krysti and I consider it a blessing to be a part of their lives and growth as people," she says.

If Not This, Then What: "If I had a different job it would probably still involve teaching kids. Maybe an English teacher. I also enjoy psychology, so maybe a therapist. Or even something where I got to spend more time outdoors! We spend a lot of our time in dark theaters!"

If Not Here, Then Where: Warren is a city girl, and if she wasn't in Houston she would still like to be near a bustling metropolis like Dallas or Chicago.

What's Next: "In the future I'll continue on at Wildfish as we grow exponentially, and still perform some myself, too. I'll be in Man of La Mancha this February/March at Theatre Under the Stars and Sweeney Todd with Generations this summer. I have a beautiful family to take care of, my daughter Vivian and husband Steve. More time with them is a constant hope for the future! I like my life now and hope the future brings more of the same!"

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