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100 Creatives 2014: Nathaniel Donnett, Artist

It's been a stellar year for visual artist Nathaniel Donnett. During 2014, he had his first ever solo show at a major museum with "Nothing to See Hear." It was part of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, "Right Here, Right Now: Houston" ongoing series of exhibits and events. In support of "Nothing to See Hear," Donnett received a 2014 Harpo Foundation grant, one of fewer than a dozen awards for the year. (By the way, the Harpo Foundation was founded by Edward Levine. Its name was inspired by Harpo Marx. It's not related to Oprah Winfrey or her company, Harpo Productions.)

He also had a solo show at the Mattatuck Museum, "Alone In My Four Cornered Room," which closes in January 2015.

He was the subject of Rhythm & Black, a documentary by Rice University film students Paige Polk and Lydia Smith.

And most recently, Donnett was awarded a 2015 Idea Fund / Andy Warhol Foundation grant to develop his blog, Not That This, into a website supporting the critical discourse related to African American artists and other groups whose work is largely overlooked, ignored, or misunderstood by the mainstream arts press. (Donnett previously won an Idea Fund / Andy Warhol Foundation grant in 2011.)

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