100 Creatives 2014: Theresa DiMenno, Butterfly Photographer

What She Does: If you've ever found yourself wandering the halls of Methodist Hospital then you might have been calmed by the beautiful nature photographs of Theresa DiMenno. Such soothing images are just a part of what makes her a well-respected and oft-seen photographic artist in Houston, but if you want to break down to the core of the beauty she brings to life in her work that's your best bet right there.

DiMenno fled dull office life here in town to run away to California for a while, intent on buying a camera and documenting the beauty of the Golden State. California brought her to her true gifts with composition and light, utterly transforming her and her mission in life. After returning to Houston she resumed office work, but continued to work teaching herself her crafts. After entering an image in the Houston Post Father's Day Photo Contest (she won second place), she began a career in photography, working for Houston Breakthrough, Public News, OutSmart and more. She's also on the cover of the current Texas Highways Magazine.

Why She Likes It: "On a regular basis, photography enables me to quickly dip beneath the surface and experience intimacy, whether I'm photographing an individual or a flower."

What Inspires Her: "Currently my passions in photography are subjects of nature, especially the monarch butterfly, bees, lizards and flowers. If I peel the onion and get to the core of a specific influence, I suspect it is nature. The beauty and order/disorder of the natural world. All of the questions and answers are there. In one way or another, the natural world informs almost every decision I make."

If Not This, Then What: With so much of her work appearing in newspapers and magazines, DiMenno has a developed a keen love of the written word. If taking pictures to accompany them was out, she'd like to take a stab at writing them.

If Not Here, Then Where: Of all the places that DiMenno would want to pursue her love of photographing nature, the one that calls to her most is Taos, New Mexico. She's drawn to the space, the light, and the beauty of the area, as well as the stillness and quiet.

What's Next: "I am working with the Cockrell Butterfly Center on a fall exhibition of the monarch butterfly metamorphosis. I am in the beginning stages of working with other butterfly organizations, specifically with monarchs to spread the word about their declining migratory populations and what we can all do to help. I am creating an online nature catalog, in an effort to ease the burden between myself and prospective clients when viewing my imagery for large projects, such as art for hotels and hospitals. I am moving toward an extended stay in Taos to see if it is a good fit before I pull up stakes."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.