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100 Creatives: Davie Graves

What He Does: Davie Graves draws people with animal heads. He does a lot of other things as well, like some incredible rock and roll posters for local acts, but, yeah, people with animal heads make up a lot of his work. His style is somewhere between Andy Warhol and Rob Zombie. His art, with its bright colors and jarring imagery, would be perfect to have tattooed on your leg. You could call it pop art, but Graves tends to just shrug off the label and stick with calling it "my art."

Why He Does It: Like a lot of artists, Graves finds the greatest reward to be a concrete, tactile representation of what started out as just a passing idea. Or to use his words...

"I love seeing the final result of what was once the sound of a gear tuning inside my head."

He's proudest of the fact that he has cleaned up his life and been able to return to a place where he can be creative and make the art he loves so much.

What Inspires Him: Graves draws most of his artistic influences from R. Crumb, Basil Wolverton, Emek, Frank Kozic, Robert Williams, Joe Coleman and local Houston artist Shelby Hohl. However, the subjects in his work usually have their inception in society's corruption and conspiracies, old comic books and his girlfriend Jeri Huston.

If Not This, Then What: Graves, alongside Huston, is part of an offensively spellbinding act of rock and roll rebellion tenderly titled Thunderkunt. Recently, Rocks Off took a look at a fictional cage match between them and Kesha. They'll be a part of this year's Summerfest.

If Not Here, Then Where: "Since we now have technology like the internet, I would like to live in the middle of nowhere East Texas painting giant pictures of weird things. Why? No drama, and it would be peaceful. Just me, my girl and a dobro guitar."

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