100 Creatives for 2011

All 100 Creatives for 2011 are lined up in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

When we started the project for 100 Creatives, highlighting the people we thought were among the most creative in Houston in 2011, it was slow going at first. How would we find them all?

We drew up lists, discussed it among ourselves, came up with a format and then started calling. Once it got going, once we got a few posts up, the floodgates opened. People started contacting us, giving us leads on some of the best, most creative people in town -- not all of whom have enjoyed/suffered the glare of hot lights and heavy publicity.

In the last several months, it has been a wonderful experience to find so much talent in Houston from painters, to photographers, dancers to hatmakers. But we finally reached our goal, 100. So it's time to pause and recognize them all.

But come January, we're going to start up again with 100 Creatives for 2012. Because there's a lot more people out there to recognize, a lot more artists who are doing great things here. And we think it's important to check in on what they're doing.

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