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100 Creatives: Lucas Gorham

What He Does: Gorham is part of Houston supergroup Grandfather Child. He's been a driving force in the local improvisational/experimental music scene for several years with Sad Gorilla and the various Nameless Sound affiliates. He also enjoys playing in gospel music in African-American churches, from which he receives a lot of his musical inspiration.

Why He Likes It: "I love being an artist and continuing to build my body of work. One of the benefits of being a musician is being able to play with amazing artists who are better than you and who can inspire you. Most of the people who have graced my musical life are just way better than me.

"I also like all of the standard stuff, like touching people, making people feel connected to something bigger than themselves and all that. I am most proud of the work that i have been coming out with in the past three to four years. I feel like the stuff I am creating comes from my persona more so than other projects before."

What Inspires Him: The music of Grandfather Child is mostly inspired by the world of blues, psychedelia, R&B and gospel. He suggested we rent the following movies in order to better understand where he's coming from: Sacred Steel, Kill Your Idols, Space is the Place, and The Blues According to Lightning Hopkins.

Outside of Grandfather Child, Gorham draws on world music from the Sublime Frequencies label, Louis Armstrong and Frédéric Chopin.

If Not This, Then What: "I have been a public school teacher. I taught second, third, seventh, eighth and ninth through twelfth grades for HISD and other charter and private schools teaching social studies. It's the only other job I could live with besides being an artist."

If Not Here, Then Where: Gorham refuses to consider leaving Houston, and believes in working with other artists to make the city a more recognizable place.

"I really and truly wouldn't want to be working anywhere else."

What's Next:Houston can expect a new Grandfather Child album soon.

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