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100 Creatives: Stacy Davidson

What He Does: Davidson is the head of Odyssey Pictures, an independent horror studio that puts out some very high quality splatter fests that are well beyond what you think someone at this level could accomplish.

He himself is a dedicated and brilliant director and screenwriter, having been the driving force behind the critically acclaimed Domain of the Dead and Sweatshop. Both films show a knack for tapping into the mindset of horror fans who want to feel as if the characters represent them, but whom also want to cringe from the bloody spectacle on the scream.

His latest effort is as the producer, editor and cinematographer of Larry Wade Carrell's upcoming revenge film Jacob, in which a hulking, mentally disturbed man cuts a bloody swath in a quest to make his drunken stepfather pay for the murder of his little sister.

What He Likes About It: Some filmmakers live for the experience on set, but Davidson finds much more artistic satisfaction in the pre- and post-production aspects of movie magic. He enjoys the planning, building his worlds for the audience in his head and plotting how exactly he will be able to bring that world to life.

In post-production, Davidson relishes the chance to take what he considers the raw materials from shooting and polishing them into the final product. "I make movies like a painter, slapping a coat on here and a coat on there, always touching it up until it's exactly what I want," says Davidson jokingly. "Or until I run out of paint."

What Inspires Him: Like most horror directors, Davidson claims the early monster movies of Universal as the catalyst that launched him into his present career. However, his true allegiance is to Halloween/The Thing director John Carpenter.

"I think the job of a horror movie is to take you through the dark night, the terrors of the human psyche, and usher you through to the other side," says Davidson. "To provide a cathartic experience. I can think of no one else who does it quite the way he did, particularly in his early films."

If Not This, Then What?: Davidson is a former game designer, and would feel comfortable returning to it. Innovations in that area has continuously blurred the lines between diversion and true interactive art form. Now that games are finally growing into a unique artistic medium, there may be more room for a visionary like Davidson.

He is also interested in model making and stop-motion work.

If Not Here, Then Where?: "Definitely Austin. Beautiful country out there, great crews."

What's Next?: Once Jacob is released, Davidson's next project is a stunning departure from the grit and rust of his former work. He has begun working on a science fiction film involving star fighters and aliens, and is really looking forward to being able to create an entire universe from scratch.

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