12 Awesome Ways To Dress Up Your Dog This Halloween

The clock is ticking when it comes to making your Halloween costume decisions. Hopefully by now you've made an awesome no-sew creation for your kid and picked out a fun couple's costume for you and a partner. With that out of the way, have you stopped to consider how you're going to dress up your dog? Don't act like it hasn't crossed your mind: everyone knows that a dog in a costume is hilarious.

Fine, if you have no idea how to dress up your best four-legged friend, check out these awesome photos of local dogs in costumes. You're bound to find some inspiration, and get some laughs along the way.

If you need more dogs in costumes in your life, surf on over to this website set up by the South Texas College of Law Animal Law Society. They're raising money for Houston Pet Set and Rescued Pets Movement by way of a pet costume contest. How do you vote? By donating money toward your favorite costumed pet. Raising money and funny pet costumes- it's a winning combination. Vote now.

We dare you not to laugh at Foster, the World's Most Stoic Court Jester.

Be careful- you'll be under Mexi's spell in no time.

Saks stays adorable and warm with this bunny costume, but skip the carrots please.

Need a new watchdog in your life? Well, you're in luck: Frazier is available for immediate adoption. Find out more over at K-9 Angels Rescue.

Something tells us Burpee won't be climbing any water spouts any time soon.

From time to time Foster moonlights as a taco dog.

Gracie is the finest Cheshire Cat you could ever hope to meet in Wonderland.

Max is ready to race. That jockey better hold on tight.

Mila is either a lobster, or a dog being hugged by a lobster. Either way, Mila looks awesome.

It took a while, but Bluebell finally figured out a way to get more honey.

Glen knows it takes a brave dog to be the Cowardly Lion.

Special thanks to our friends (and Best of Houston® 2013 Best Doggie Daycare winners) at You Had Me at Woof for supplying us with the location and adorable models for this blog post.

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