1993: The Greatest Year for Movies in the History of Movies Ever?

I mean, in what other year could cinema reach the heights of Schindler's List, Philadelphia, The Piano, Tombstone, The Fugitive, True Romance and Short Cuts while also providing us with Demolition Man, Leprechaun and Surf Ninjas?

Let's see, 1993, of course, that year after 1992 and before 1994, when gangster rap and grunge were still king and we were begging our parents for Zubaz pants.

And I haven't even mentioned Falling Down, Groundhog Day, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Grumpy Old Men, Dazed And Confused and Mrs. Doubtfire.

REWIND: D-FENS: 1993's Vigilante Porn Epic Falling Down Turns 20 Years Old

In just weeks, Jurassic Park will be re-released in 3D for nostalgic Gen-Y dopes like me to enjoy all over again. Hold on to your butts.

How many of these movies from 1993 could I watch over and over again? Almost all of them. Even the underrated presidential comedy Dave, with Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. That film introduced me to the magic of Frank Langella, Kevin Dunn and Ving Rhames.

Sure, 1993 also featured Cop & A Half, Mr. Nanny and Super Mario Bros. stinking up the theaters, but if you see any of those on basic cable, you stop folding laundry for at least five minutes.

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Craig Hlavaty
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