2014 New American Voices

The Landing Theatre Company and Wordsmyth Theater Company host 2014 New American Voices, a weekend of four play readings. “The plays are a rich blend of some of the most exciting writing of our day, dealing with issues that are current and often provocative,” says David Rainey, Landing Theatre’s artistic director. “Each has wonderful energy and urgency, and uses a deliciously skillful mix of humor and drama.”

Vicki Riba Koestler’s Stop Mart, about a married couple on a trip who find themselves trapped inside a convenience store, starts things off on Friday. Mackenzie Jahnke’s Life, about characters dealing with the loss of a true love, is set for Saturday. The final day of the event, Sunday, features a double-header with Barbara Lhota’s Echo, the story of a facilitator providing an autistic teen with questionable therapy, and Keelay Gipson’s Guest Lecture, which follows a young woman who returns home from college to spend Christmas with her two dads. Each performance is followed by a discussion with the playwright, director and cast.

University of Houston, 3400 Calhoun. For a full schedule, call 832‑582-0661 or visit landingtheatre.org. Free.
Fri., March 7, 7:30 p.m.; Sat., March 8, 5 p.m.; Sun., March 9, 7:30 p.m., 2014

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