4 Best Vintage Comic Book Video Games

There has never been a better time to be a comic book fan. This summer alone will see the release of three superhero films that combined will make enough money to forever destroy the notion that comic book movies are unprofitable. Hell, The Dark Knight picked up an acting Oscar, the first comic book movie to do so.

It's just as rosy a time in the world of video games. The Batman: Arkham series has perfectly captured the dream of every teenager by letting you mimic the Caped Crusader flawlessly. The possibilities the game has opened up for other superhero game outings are staggering.

And yet...there remains the problem that has always plagued comic-based games. Usually they aren't based on comics so much as they are hastily thrown-together tie-ins for movies based on comic books. Since such games are pretty much scams designed to trick parents and non-gamer significant others into buying them as gifts, it makes the comic book game genre very much lopsided on the side of total suck.

However, there have been a few great ones in the past, and between emulators, online stores and a trip to Game Over, they can still be played. If you're looking for an old-school outing that lives up to the comic it's based on, try...

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